Top 10 Best dribblers in FIFA 17

Top 10 Best dribblers in FIFA 17

Top 10 Best dribblers in FIFA 17

Best dribblers in FIFA 17? Who are the Top 10 Dribblers in FIFA 17? Have you ever thought of finding out who are the best dribblers in FIFA 16? which was released last month. Well if you have then worry not because we as have prepared a shortlist of the Top 10 Dribblers in FIFA 17. Their are a number of good dribblers in the game but we picked out the cream dela cream of dribblers to come up with the Top 10 Dribblers in FIFA 17..

EA Sports has released the latest edition of FIFA. The game is almost as exciting as the start of a new season for football fans.

After the top 50 players’ ratings were unveiled EA Sports also unveiled the fastest, strongest, most skillful, Free kick takers, Best midfielders, strikers, Wingers and defenders

With new features, new game modes and updated squads following the end of the summer transfer window, it is no surprise that millions flock to the shops every year to purchase this exciting sports game.

In fact, the game is taken seriously by footballers who feature in it as they await to see their own player ratings by EA Sports electronics.

The question people are asking themselves is what good team can i set up in FIFA career mode? Well, to make the best team in FIFA 17 you will need the best dribblers in the game to get you passed your opponents easily and find the back of the net or the best pass.

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You can put up a comparison with the new dribblers list in FIFA 17.

Best Dribbler in FIFA 17

Top 10 Best dribblers in FIFA 17

Who is the best dribbler in FIFA 17? Well, Argentine forward Lionel Messi tops the list of the best dribblers in FIFA 17 with an overall rating of 96 making him standout top among the rest.

Top Ten Best dribblers in FIFA 17

Rank & Player Name


Overall Rating
10. Riyad Mahrez Leicester City 88
9. Sergio Aguero Manchester City 89
8. Mario Gotze Borussia Dortmund 89
7. Paulo Dybala Juventus 90
6. Franck Ribery Bayern Munich 90
5. Arjen Robben Bayern Munich 90
4. Eden Hazard Chelsea 90
3. Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid 91
2. Neymar Jr FC Barcelona 95
1. Lionel Messi FC Barcelona 96

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