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Top 10 most popular leagues in the world


4. Serie A

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The number 4 spot in most popular football leagues in the world right now is occupied by Serie A of Italy. It’ sad to see Serie A in its current condition considering that it was once the finest league in the world and its teams dominated European football. But, now it feels like another age.

Though the teams still have a bit of their old sheen, their aura is long gone. Match-fixing scandals in Serie A and economic problems have spelled doom for this once great league. However, the recent inclusion of Cristiano Ronaldo in the league added some glamour and class to the Italian competition.

3. Bundesliga

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German Bundesliga has been a dominant force in the European scene, its constant representation in Europa and Champions League is commendable. Home to Bayern Munich which is considered to be the best club in the world right now, people have questioned the league’s competitiveness as Bayern is on another level compared to other teams.

But now, teams like Dortmund have been giving the Bavarians a run for their money. With 1.59 goals per match, games here are filled with goals.


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