Top 5 shortest popular footballers in the world

2. Sebastian Giovinco

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Giovinco, with his height of 164 cm, didn’t earn the nickname the “Atomic Ant” without good reason. An outstanding free-kick taker, Giovinco had enjoyed mixed form during his time in Italy, but was a huge hit in the MLS.

A technically proficient confidence player, the 32-year-old is exactly 31 cm shorter than recent MLS’s star player Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

1. Lorenzo Insigne

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Italian international Lorenzo Insigne is Naples born and bred, and he has been with the club since the age of 15.

His height of 163 cm has been a hot topic for discussion on social media on couple of occasions, as Insigne frequently gets paired up with the tallest mascots while stepping on to the pitch. He is easily one of the best forwards in the world and has proved once again that height does not really matter.

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