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Worst El Clasico Fights – Worst El Clasico Moments Ever!


Sergio Ramos shoving Puyol in the face

Ramos was shown a straight red card after bringing down Lionel Messi in the 90th minute of Madrid`s 5-0 defeat at the Nou Camp. Ramos put his hands into the faces of his Spanish team mates and Barca duo Puyol and Xavi.

Puyol Infuriated By Pepe’s Theatrical Act

The second leg to that Copa del Rey semi final El Clasico edition in 2013 saw Real destroy Barcelona, eventually ending up as 3-1 winners to progress to the final. The Madrid players played down the clock late on in front of a gleeful Mourinho, with Pepe the main culprit.

The erratic centre back took Busquets to the ground, before dramatically hitting the deck himself. Barca captain Puyol needed to be held back to stop himself going at it with his opposite number, but Busquets would get his own back when he “accidentally” stood on Pepe’s head a year later.

Marcelo foul on Cesc Fabregas

Marcelo’s foul on Fabregas was incredulous and this exasperated the Barcelona players. It led to a mass brawl, with fighting taking place between both teams on the sidelines.

Coming into the second leg with 2-2 from the first, Barcelona were leading 3-2 with few seconds of added time left, Marcelo pounced onto Fabregas’ legs which triggered the whole incident.   Jose Mourinho too got involved on the sidelines as he poked the late Barcelona manager Tito Vilanova in the eye.


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