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Cremonese Players Salaries 2023: Weekly Wages 2022/2023

Cremonese Players Salaries 2022 (Weekly Wage)

Cremonese Players Salaries 2023

Want to know what the US Cremonese Player Salaries 2023 are? Who are Cremonese’s highest-earning players? How much do Cremonese players earn? Have you ever wondered about which players at Cremonese earn the most? Well if you have, then worry not, because we have prepared a full list of the Cremonese players salaries 2023. Watch & Bet Here =>
Cremonese Players Salaries per year

Unione Sportiva Cremonese is an Italian association football club based in Cremona. Cremonese currently competes in Serie A.

The club was formed in 1903 and recently they earned promotion from Serie B to Serie A.

Cremonese Information 2023

The team’s colours are Grey & Red and white.

They are nicknamed La Cremo (“grey-red”), Le Tigri and I Violini.

Cremonese’s home ground is Stadio Giovanni Zini. It has a capacity of 20,641. Giovanni Arvedi is the owner of the club.

Cremonese had a successful run in the 1992–93 Anglo-Italian Cup, beating Bari 4–1 in the semi-final, and Derby County 3–1 in the final at the old Wembley Stadium. In the 2021–22 Serie B, they finished second to earn promotion to the 2023–23 Serie A.

Cremonese Player Arrivals 2022/23

Players Age Club Transfer sum
27 €6.50m
19 €6.00m
25 €3.80m
21 €3.50m
22 €2.00m
24 €1.60m
22 €850Th.
19 €750Th.
23 Loan fee: €500Th.

Highest Paid Cremonese Player 2023 (Weekly Wage)

Cremonese Player Wages? Serie A wages? How much do Serie A footballers earn? Who is earning the most at Cremonese? Who are the highest-earning players at Cremonese?

What are the Cremonese Players Salaries? Cremonese do not reveal their wages information but judging by transfer market value as highlighted in the table below- it is likely that Samuel Di Carmine is earning the most at Cremonese.

Cremonese Players Salaries 2023 (Weekly Wage)

Cremonese Players Salaries 2023 (Weekly Wage)

Cremonese, like most other football clubs, do not release their wage bill. However many journalists often break wage bill information from Serie A teams which are often accurate. But for lesser-known Serie A teams, very little is known about players’ wage bills.

So here are the Cremonese Players Salaries 2023. Watch & Bet Here =>

Cremonese Players Salaries 2023

Player Name Age Weekly Wage Yearly Salary
Samuel Di Carmine 33 £32,115 £1,670,000
Daniel Ciofani 36 £14,615 £760,000
Cristian Buonaiuto 29 £12,500 £650,000
Cedric Gondo 25 £12,500 £650,000
Matteo Bianchetti 29 £11,731 £610,000
Alessandro Fiordaliso 23 £10,769 £560,000
Michele Castagnetti 32 £7,885 £410,000
Luca Ravanelli 25 £7,500 £390,000
Paolo Bartolomei 32 £7,115 £370,000
Mouhamadou Sarr 25 £4,231 £220,000
Filippo Nardi 24 £4,231 £220,000
Dennis Politic 22 £4,038 £210,000
Jaime Báez 27 £3,846 £200,000
Emanuele Valeri 23 £2,115 £110,000
Luca Strizzolo 30 £1,731 £90,000
Dorian Ciezkowski 21 £1,346 £70,000
Daniel Frey 20 £1,346 £70,000
Johan Vasquez 23 £962 £50,000
Felix Afena-Gyan 19

Cremonese titles


Serie C

  • Winners (3): 1935–36 (Girone B), 1941–42 (Girone B), 1976–77 (Girone A)

Serie C1

  • Winners (1): 2004–05 (Girone A)

Serie D

  • Winners (2): 1953–54 (Girone C), 1970-71 (Girone B)

Prima Categoria

  • Winners (1): 1967–68 (Girone B)

Anglo-Italian Cup – 1992-93

Cremonese Players Salaries per week

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