Home South America Colombia James Rodriguez net worth: How much is James Rodriguez’s net worth

James Rodriguez net worth: How much is James Rodriguez’s net worth

James Rodriguez net worth: How much is James Rodriguez's net worth

James Rodriguez net worth: How much is James Rodriguez’s net worth

James Rodriguez net worth 2020 is quite a lot since the star has been playing for Real Madrid for over 6 years now. He has one of the highest number of followers Instagram and is a very popular player in world football.

James Rodriguez net worth

The Real Madrid superstar has a net worth of $30 million! He first burst on to the scene at the 2014 World Cup after which Real Madrid signed him for $75 million. He has a huge contract at Real Madrid and might go on to earn a lot more.

James Rodriguez Arsenal

It is common knowledge that Rodriguez is not happy at Real Madrid. He is looking for a move away from the club. He is tipped to join the Premier League where Arsenal can be a big option. The Gunners have a brilliant attack. They already have Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Alexandre Lacazette and Nicolas Pepe in attack. Having James would complete the front line. However, he would cost a lot and at least will come for $60 million.

James Rodriguez Liverpool

James Rodriguez to Liverpool is another option. The Reds have a brilliant front three but need a central attacking midfielder or a back up option for their two wingers. James with his versatility can be an effective option for Klopp.

James Rodriguez Manchester United

His proposed move to Manchester United is possibly the biggest possible transfer. He is a big profile player – the type that suits Manchester United. The Real Madrid star is also a good quality player and would add a lot of quality in the front line for the Red Devils. Manchester United have Marcus Rashford and Anthony Martial and Rodriguez would complete the front three with Bruno and Pogba behind them. However, he would probably cost United more than $60 million given their club profile.

James Rodriguez transfer

His transfer from Real Madrid is a big topic of news. It is clear he is unhappy at the club. He moved to the club in 2014. He has spent six seasons frustrated. Of that he spent a couple of seasons on loan at Bayern Munich where despite playing well, Bayern refused to pay $90 million for his buy out clause. He is destined to leave the club for sure as Zidane is not a fan of James. He will cost the club some money as no buyer is likely to pay $60 million.

James Rodriguez girlfriend

James Rodriguez is a popular Instagram figure. He has had lots of girlfriends. He dated Keylor Navas’ sister. However, the duo separated ways mutually and are respectful of each other. He then dated Shannon de Lima during his time at Bayern Munich. The stunning model romanced him and it was confirmed by James Rodriguez.

James Rodriguez World Cup

It was at the 2014 edition of the FIFA World Cup in Brazil, where James made his name. He was one of the best players in the tournament and scored quite a few stunners in the tournament. James was talked about a lot in Colombia’s journey. He was then scooped up by Real Madrid soon after.

James Rodriguez transfer fee – James Rodriguez net worth

Madrid went on to pay a huge transfer fee of $60 million at that time. They signed James Rodriguez from Portugal. He was a star signing at the club and the marquee player was expected to become a superstar. However, the career went sideways as James could not cope with the changing demands of the club and fight of the competition. His transfer fee is still expected to be around $50 million-plus at least.

James Rodriguez salary – James Rodriguez net worth

James Rodriguez earns $24.5 Million per year including bonuses. The annual salary is broken down to $400,000 per week after paying taxes without bonuses. He is one of the highest earners at the club. His contract runs till 2021 summer.

James Rodriguez car – James Rodriguez net worth

The Colombian footballer drives a Mercedes G-Wagon. He drives a lot more cars. However, his lavish lifestyle hardly puts a dent on his net worth or earnings.

James Rodriguez tattoo

The player has a total of 12 tattoos!

James Rodriguez net worth

Here is the list –

  1. A portrait of Jesus on his left leg
  2. The names of his mother (Pilar), wife (Dani, short for Daniela) and sister (Juana) on his right arm
  3. On his left inner arm he has a cross with a rosary around it and the quote “When a person bows his head before God, God will crown it”
  4. The name of his daughter Salome on his right wrist
  5. A crown on his chest
  6. A diamond with wings and a text underneath it on his back
  7. A wolf on his right shoulder
  8. A koi fish with lotus flowers on his lower left arm
  9. A portrait of Salome on his left shoulder along with the time she was born
  10. A lion on his left arm
  11. A golden boot with the date ‘23-07-14’ on his right calf
  12. XXIX – V – MMXIII (Salome’s birthday) close to his right clavicle

James Rodriguez Instagram – James Rodriguez net worth

James Rodriguez has a brilliant track record on Instagram. He is surprisingly the fourth most followed footballer on social media. James has a total of 45.1 million followers and has 891 posts.

In total on all social media platforms, he has a fan following of 95 million.

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