Odds England to win World Cup 2018? Odds on England winning football WC 2018!

Odds England to win World Cup 2018? Odds on England winning football WC 2018!

Odds England World Cup 2018

Odds England World Cup 2018? Odds on England to win Football World Cup 2018 in Russia? Both to win the group and the tournament. However, there are not many people who think it is possible. The odds at England in the World Cup 2018 gives an indication. It shows us England’s chances of winning the World Cup in 2018. So what are the odds that England will win World Cup?

Odds that England wins the World Cup 2018 in Russia

Looking at the odds, we see what it looks like. They show you how much you can win in the tournament. However, it may differ quite depending on which betting company you are using. From an overview, it can almost be the same. But, doing so during the live matches can vary a lot.

England in the World Cup 2018 – odds offers

Here, we have collected different England World Cup offers with high bonuses. Everything from deposit bonus to free bet, free bet and risk-free bets. (£10, £20.£30) and odds bonuses of hunders of pounds that you can claim as a new costumer.

Here you will find all England odds in the World Cup 2018. Everything from odds on winning the tournament to odds to win the group. Odds to come last from the group. Odds on England’s best goalscorer and odds on all England’s matches in the World Cup 2018.

Odds England to win World Cup 2018? Odds on England winning football WC 2018!

Odds England World Cup 2018: Odds England wins World Cup

So what’s the odds that England will win the World Cup 2018? England is far from being the favourites. However, you probably have lower odds if you bet on big teams. But that is not the case for England. They have high odds. England winning the World Cup will give you more than 15 times the money on several of the major betting companies.

Betting Companies Odds
Unibet 18,00
bet365 18,00
Betsafe 17,00
LeoVegas 17,50
Betfair 16,00

Many of the world’s betting sites have high odds on England winning World Cup. Not because they have a bad team, but because the others are much better. We will see Brazil, Germany, France and Spain. Four teams who are all favourites to take home the cup. That’s why it looks very difficult for England. If we look for the best odds, Unibet, Bet365 and LeoVegas. All of them offers around 18.00 in odds.

Odds England to tops the group stage

England må inte vinna hela VM. Man kan dock vinna gruppen. Detta om man får en bra lottning. I tidigare mästerskap har det inte sett jättebra ut. Men trots det har England gjort bra ifrån sig. I EM 2012 slog man bland annat Frankrike, detta med 2-0. I ett VM kan man dock få möta vem som helst. England är dock ett samlat lag och kan spela mot vem som helst. Oddset för en Svensk gruppseger är inte satt än. Det uppdateras vid lottningen av VM 2018 i december månad. Nedan kommer du kunna See oddsen nu:

England may not win the World Cup. However, they can win the group. This can happen when you get a relatively easy group. In previous championships, it has not looked great. But despite that, England has done well. In Euro 2012, England beat France with 2-0. However, in a World Cup, you can play anyone. However, England is a collective team and can play against anyone.

Odds England gruppvinnare Odds
Unibet 2.20
bet365 2.23
betsafe 2.15
LeoVegas 2.30

Odds England World Cup 2018: Odds England to not advance from the group

Will England continue in the World Cup? It’s hard to say, but the odds favour England to move on from the group. Below you can see the odds that England will move on from the World Cup 2018 group stage:

Odds to advance from the group YES NO
Unibet 1.07 See odds
bet365 1.10 See odds
betsafe 1.11 See odds
LeoVegas 1.10 See odds

If and how England goes on from the group stage in the World Cup is hard to say. No assessment can be made but given the group, it is fair to say that they will move on to the next round. England has been will play against Belgium, Tunisia and Panama in the group. They should qualify for the next round.

How far will England be in the World Cup 2018?

Want to know what are the odds for England in the World Cup 2018? There is a lot to bet on. Everything from going to the group to quarterfinals, semifinal or final. It’s Unibet who comes with odds on England in the World Cup. Here you see the odds for England wins (18.00), ending the top two (7.50), being eliminated in the semifinal (6.00), quarterfinals (3.50), Round of 16 (2.80) or group stage (7.00).

Odds Englands i VM plats Odds
WC 2018 winners 18,00
Finish top two 7.50
Lose the semifinal in WC 2018 6.00
Lose the quarterfinals in WC 2018 3,50
Lose in round of 16 in WC 2018 2.80
Don’t pass the group stage in WC 2018 7.00

Odds England World Cup 2018: How many points does England have at the end of the group stage?

How many points does England take in the group play? We all want to know! Here, you can also bet on it.

Odds number of points Odds
9 points 6.50
8 points
7 points 4.50
6 points 4.50
5 points 9.50
4 points 5.50
3 points 10.00
2 points 23.00
1 points 26.00
0 points 51.00

How many points England make is currently impossible to say. Probably, England will not score a lot of goals. This compares to the European Championships as played in the summer of 2016. Only one goal scored during their three group game matches. And one of them was an own goal!

Should England win all their matches, score nine points (6.50). Should they lose all matches (6.50) or play any draw there are also good odds here. Exactly what the world’s betting pages are, we’ll find out soon.

Odds England’s World Cup 2018: How many goals does England score in the World Cup?

Odds England World Cup 2018? England is known for its collective defence. However, they are not as good when it comes to attacking. During the qualification, they might have won ten out of ten games. But not against any big nation.  So, how many goals does England score in the World Cup 2018? Here are the odds on the number of goals England will score in World Cup 2018:

Odds goals England Odds
England to score most goals in WC 2018 See odds
England to score least goals in WC 2018 See odds
0-2 goals See odds
3-4 goals See odds
5 or more goals See odds

Odds England World Cup 2018: Who scores the most goals for England in World Cup?

Who will score the most numbers of goals for England in this World Cup? There are many players who could feature in this list. One name that stands out is Harry Kane. He is in tremendous form for Spurs and will want to carry on this performance in Russia. Raheem Sterling, Dele Ali, Jaime Vardy, are some of the other names that are expected to the most goals for their country. Here are the odds of our England shooters:

England top goalscorer WC 2018 Odds
Harry Kane 1.95
Jamie Vardy 6.00
Jesse Lingard 7.00
Marcus Rashford 7.00
Dele Alli 8.00
Danny Welbeck 11.00

Odds of England’s matches in the World Cup Group Games 2018

Odds England World Cup 2018? Odds on England’s matches in the World Cup group game are as follows:

Here you will find odds on all of England’s World Cup matches in the summer of 2018

Odds England fixtures in WC 2018
1 X 2
18 June
Tunisia – England 11.00 4.90 1,33
24 June
England – Panama 1.27 5.20 16,00
28 June
England – Belgium 2.90 3.20 2,55

More about odds on England in the World Cup 2018

Should you bet on England or try your luck by betting online, we recommend that you bet at betting companies and betting sites that offer good odds bonuses in the form of risk-free bets and free bets. Are you going to sign up? Be sure to do it on betting pages with a live stream.

We all wonder who wins the World Cup 2018? Here you will find the best odds at Football World Cup 2018!

Take a look at all the groups in World Cup 2018. Read more at

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