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Super Bowl Odds 2020: Best Super Bowl Betting Odds And Tips 2020!

Super Bowl Odds 2020 Best Super Bowl Betting Odds And Tips 2020!

Super Bowl 2020 Odds: Best Super Bowl 2020 odds – Super Bowl 54 Odds!

Best Super Bowl odds? What are the Vegas odds NFL Super Bowl? Here is everything you need to know about the Super Bowl odds 2020! The Super Bowl 2020 odds are hard to predict but all betting companies have placed their best guesses.

Super Bowl is the final game played to attaining the NFL championship trophy. This year’s Super Bowl is the 54th edition also known as the Super Bowl LIV. The two teams facing off against each other are Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers. Super Bowl Sunday is almost here and we can’t wait to get the party started. San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs are set to face off in football’s biggest game across the year.

Jimmy Garoppolo’s 49ers collected a dominant win against the Green Bay Packers to reach this stage of the competition. It was breathtaking to watch Raheem Mostert run 220 yards and score four touchdowns to collect the sweet victory. The 49ers defence was on show as they picked off Aaron Rodgers twice. Patrick Mahomes and the 14-4 Chiefs came back from a 17-7 deficit to defeat the Tennessee Titans in the AFC Championship game. Mahomes launched the ball 294 yards that helped score three touchdowns while Tyreek Hill scored two touchdowns himself.

Super Bowl 54 Odds And Betting Tips

Super Bowl 54 Betting Odds: Best Odds To Win The Super Bowl 2020!

Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers winner odds  –

Now, the Kansas City Chiefs will play the San Francisco 49ers to battle for the 2020 season title. The previous Super Bowl was held between New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams where Patriots won the Super Bowl 53 in Atlanta, Georgia. Super Bowl 2020 will be played at Miami Gardens at Hard Rock Stadium with Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers as teams.

Did you know? The pregame coin toss has landed on tails 28 times and heads 25. Super Bowl winners have won the toss 24 of 53 times.

Who will win the Super Bowl according to the odds? Here are the current Super Bowl odds:

Super Bowl Odds 2020 Best Super Bowl Betting Odds And Tips 2020!

NFL Super Bowl Odds: 2020 Super Bowl Betting Odds

Super Bowl winner 2020? Will the Kansas City Chiefs win for the first time in the 53 year history of the game and beat the San Francisco 49ers and win Super Bowl 2020. New England Patriots are the Super Bowl LIII champions but they are not in the final this time.

The Super Bowl 2020 is one of the grandest sporting events on this planet and it only comes around once a year. Two of the best NFL teams face off against each other to get their hands on the ultimate championship trophy. With fans from all over the world, the buildup, the halftime show, this weekend at Miami promises a lot along with glitz galore. So if you are looking to find out which channel is the Super Bowl on, well, look no more because all the info is right here!

Super Bowl LIV Odds: Time, Date & Venue CONFIRMED!

Date Sunday, 02 February 2020
Teams Kansas City Chiefs versus San Francisco 49ers
Location/Venue Miami Gardens at Hard Rock Stadium
Start time
UK Start time 12:30 AM BST (3 February 2020)
US Start time 6:30 PM ET or 3:30 PST
Canada Start time 6:30 PM ET
Australia Start time 11:30 AM AEST (3 February 2020)
TV Coverage
UK Channels/Broadcasters SkySports/BBC
US Channels/Broadcasters FoxSports’s coverage for the Super Bowl will begin at least 2 hours ahead of the actual kickoff.
NBC (has the live coverage rights in the US)
Canada Channels/Broadcasters CTV/Dazn
Australia Channels/Broadcasters 7Network
Streaming The game will be streamed by FuboTV – GET YOUR FREE TRIAL TODAY!

Super Bowl Betting Tips

Of course, for your betting needs, you can head over to bet365.com. You will need to create an account and then you will be able to bet on the Super Bowl LIV, scheduled for Sunday, 2 February 2020 at 6 PM ET.

Super Bowl Odds 2020 Best Super Bowl Betting Odds And Tips

Super Bowl 2020 – Who Will Sing The National Anthem?

Multi-platinum vocalist and lyricist Demi Lovato will sing the national song of devotion in front of Super Bowl LIV. Lovato is a Grammy-named vocalist, lyricist, entertainer, promoter, altruist and businessperson. As per the NFL’s public statement, inside hours of the arrival of Lovato’s fifth studio collection, CONFIDENT, “Cool for the Summer” drifted worldwide and hit #1 on iTunes in 37 nations.

What’s more? For the benefit of the National Association of the Deaf (NAD), Christine Sun Kim, universally prestigious sound craftsman and entertainer, will sing the National Anthem in American Sign Language.

Super Bowl 2020 Halftime Show

Jennifer Lopez and Shakira will be headlining the halftime show this Sunday in the Super Bowl LIV. Two of them were decided to headline the show on September 26, 2019. Tabitha and Napoleon D’umo are going to serve as the creative directors for Lopez’s section of the halftime show. It will include around 130 dancers who will be choreographed by Parris Goebel.

If you want to read more about Super Bowl betting and odds – have a look at –


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