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FA Cup Fixtures 2020 Dates: matches and fixtures today – all games!

FA Cup fixtures 2020

FA Cup Fixtures 2020? English Football Cup fixtures? When is the FA Cup final? When is the FA Cup next round?

FA Cup fixtures? Who are playing in the quarter-final of FA Cup? What is the FA Cup draw for the quarter-final? Where is it on TV? Here we will check out a few details of the FA Cup first!

The FA Cup is also known as the English Football Cup!

English Football Cup history

On 20 July 1871, in the workplaces of The Sportsman paper, C. W. Alcock proposed to The Football Association board that “it is attractive that a Challenge Cup ought to be set up regarding the Association for which all clubs having a place with the Association ought to be welcome to compete”.

The first FA Cup match took place in 1871 November. After 13 games of competition, in March 1872, Wanderers have crowned the first winners of the inaugural FA Cup.

The competition went into the 20th century where it slowly became the most important domestic cup in England. It had incredible prestige amongst the clubs and the fans as it grew in stature and reputation. By the end of the 20th century, the FA Cup’s demand had reduced as the European competitions and the rebranding of the Premier League grew in stature.

In this century, Chelsea, Manchester United, Arsenal are the most successful FA Cup teams. The defending champions Manchester City are also growing in stature in the FA Cup.

How is the English Football Cup draw made

The draws for the Extra-Preliminary, Preliminary, and First Qualifying Rounds used to all happen simultaneously. From that point, the draw for each resulting round isn’t made until after the booked dates for the past round, implying that on account of replays, clubs will regularly realize their future rivals ahead of time.

The draw for every one of the best possible rounds is communicated live on TV, generally occurring at the finish of live inclusion of one of the rounds of the past round. Open intrigue is especially high during the draw for the third round, which is the place the Premier League teams are added to the draw.

How to watch English Football Cup Fixtures on TV!

Here we have enlisted the broadcasters for the FA Cup who will be showing the matches in English.

Country Broadcaster
Australia ESPN
New Zealand Sky Sport
Ireland BT Sport, Eir Sport
United Kingdom BBC Sport, BT Sport
The United States of America ESPN
India Sony ESPN

Watch the English Football Cup on BBC:

For every fan watching the game from United Kingdom, BBC Sport is an extremely reliable broadcaster. They have exclusive rights to the FA Cup draw as well. For fans around the world, following the BBC One channel is the best way to learn about the FA Cup!

Watch the English Football Cup on SkyBet:

In the initial preliminary stages, the FA Cup matches are not all shown on TV. Especially if you are living outside of United Kingdom or Ireland, it is difficult to follow the FA Cup on TV.  From the 5th round onwards it becomes easy. The smaller matches like the matches played by the Sky Bet Championship teams may or may not be shown.

The bigger matches are definitely broadcasted. When teams from the Premier League division play, it is definitely broadcasted. The FA Cup TV fixtures will be available. The biggest match for the FA Cup 5th round fixtures is Liverpool vs Chelsea! Both teams are doing well this season and Liverpool will want to bag an extra trophy as well.

FA Cup results and fixtures:

The following data has been collected from the FA Cup 4th round results and the FA Cup 5th round draw. Teams from Premier League almost all went through barring a few exceptions like West Ham. However, not all teams went through on the first try. Some had to struggle really a lot to make it next time as well.

FA Cup fixtures

Birmingham were clear favorites against Coventry. However, Coventry pulled it to the penalties in the replay before accepting defeat. Liverpool, undefeated in the league, came very close to being knocked out in the FA Cup. Klopp was unmoved and named a u-23 side and was not even present himself for the replay. His young team did win. However, the popular Liverpool coach has come under a lot of criticism since then from the media for disrespecting the FA Cup.

FA Cup 4th round fixtures

Here are the Enligsh Football Cup results and fixtures for the 4th round:

Sheffield Wednesday 2-1 QPR

Northampton 0-0 Derby

Leicester City 1-0 Brentford

Portsmouth 4-2 Barnsley

Newcastle 3-2 Oxford (R) [0-0]

Norwich 2-1 Burnley

Southampton 2-3 Tottenham (R) [1-1]

Reading 1(4) – 1(3) Cardiff (R) [1-1]

Sheffield United 2-0 Millwall

Birmingham 2(4) – 2(1) (R) [0-0]

West Brom 1-0 West Ham

Chelsea 2-1 Hull City

Man City 4-0 Fulham

Manchester United 6-0 Tranmere

Arsenal 2-1 Bournemouth

Liverpool 1-0 Shrewsbury (R) [2-2]

FA Cup 5th round fixtures

The draw took place on January 27, 2020. One Show in BBC One showed it live. It took place right before the Arsenal versus Bournemouth match at 7:20 pm GMT. Arsenal won the math 2-1. 16 teams are set to battle in the fifth round. The matches will take place on the week commencing from the 2nd of March.

It is from the 5th round stage, that there will be no replays. Teams will play the 90 minutes and if there are no winners, there will be extra time followed by penalties.

FA Cup Fixtures 2020:

What were the FA Cup 5th round fixtures? Here are the Enligsh Football Cup results and fixtures for the 5th round:

  • Portsmouth vs Arsenal: 0-2
  • Chelsea vs Liverpool: 2-0
  • West Brom vs Newcastle : 2-3
  • Reading vs Sheffield United: 1-2
  • Tottenham vs Norwich: 1-1 (2-3)
  • Leicester City vs Birmingham: 1-0
  • Sheffield Wednesday vs Man City: 0-1
  • Derby County vs Man United: 0-3

Here are the fixtures for the quarter finals:

  • Norwich City vs Manchester United
  • Sheffield United vs Arsenal
  • Leicester City vs Chelsea
  • Newcastle United vs Manchester City

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