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Pressure back on Liverpool: Fernandinho

Pressure back on Liverpool: Fernandinho

Manchester City ace Fernandinho feels the pressure is back on Liverpool as well in the title race.

Fernandinho said: “Four points is going to be interesting for the rest of the season for both teams. They are still leaders and they have a lot of games to play as well. It is not easy to stay there at the top because the pressure is so high. You have to win every game, so we will see what happens in the end.”

Asked about City‘ special approach to the game, he added: “No, we have a point to prove every game. Last season we were able to make 100 points – 50 points away, 50 points at home – so you have to keep going and play every game and try to win.”Everyone has this responsibility in mind, to play good football, to try to win every game. You have to prove it in every game, not just on one day.”

“I think all the big games are like this,” said Fernandinho. “You cannot blink. You get punished, all the games are high tension, so you have to be careful all the time and everyone who was involved had the same feeling, the same sensation. We had to play our football and try to defend as well as we did, not concede goals.”

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