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Solskjaer tells Sanchez and Lukaku to step up


Ole Gunnar Solskajer has asked Sanchez and Lukaku to assume self-responsibilities to improve when they play for Manchester United

Speaking about how he has helped Pogba, Ole denied improving the player, claiming that it was Pogba’s own credit. “I cannot do anything for their performances on the pitch. Paul has done it himself. The players have done the performances,” Solskjaer said“I’m here to help them, guide them on the path, and then it’s up to them to do it on the pitch. I don’t agree I’ve done that with Paul, and I can do that with Romelu and Alexis. It’s up to them when they get a chance. That’s the name of the game when you’re a footballer. You’ve got to do it yourself.”

“Yes you want help from your manager and your team-mates. I give them some guidelines. There’s been loads of talk about freedom of expression, but that’s how I’ve always been as a manager. You can’t tell all the players what to do. They are here for a reason – they are good players. It’s up to them to use their imagination, creativity and enjoy playing for this club, because that is the best time of your life. It’s not a bad time being a manager either, for a little while.”

Sanchez and Lukaku have been in a wretched run of form and it will be tough for the duo to make it back into the starting line up given the form of Rashford and Martial.

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