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Retaining title will be difficult: Bernardo Silva


Bernardo Silva feels Manchester City will find it tough and will need to be “almost perfect” to win the title again.

He said: “Seven points to Liverpool is starting to be a lot. We are not playing as well as we want, we have to find an explanation. We have lost two games that we should not do if we are in a race for the title. It is mathematically possible – but we have to be almost perfect from now. It’s difficult. We have to start winning games again, otherwise things will get complicated. Since I have been here, this team has always reacted well to bad situations. When we lost, we would win the next game but now, to lose two games in a row, is not easy.”

Speaking about the injuries in the City team, he said, “We have injuries but we don’t want to create those kind of excuses. We have to sort out what mistakes we have made, and try not to make them in the next games. We need to start to winning again as fast as we can, starting with Southampton [on Sunday].”

City take on Liverpool in the first league match of the New Year.

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