Premier League Club’s Salaries 2016-17

Premier League Club’s Salaries 2016-17

Premier League Club’s Salaries 2016-17? Have you ever wanted to find out each Premier League’s club wage? well, if you have then worry not because has prepared a list of the Premier League Club’s Wage Bills 2016-17.

The Premier League is the most watched league in the world with broadcasters in 212 countries to 643 million homes, and a massive TV audience of 4.7 billion viewers Amazing right?. However, the average Match attendance for the 2015-16 Premier League season was 39,000 whereas the Bundesliga had a 47,000 average attendance of fans.

Premier League Club with the Highest Salary Bill 2016-17

Which team has the highest Salaries and wage bill in the Premier League? Well, Manchester City is the club with the biggest wage bill of £225m compared to last season’s £193.8m making them the club with the biggest wage bill.

After winning the Premier League last season Leicester City had an increase in the wage bill from £48.2 million to £66m. While Manchester United’s wage bill increased from £203 million last year to club record £220.8 million in 206-17 season. Chelsea have come in lacing behind Manchester City and Manchester United despite having the highest wage bill for the 2015/16 premier league season with £215 million ( $280).

Premier League’s main source of earning is the TV rights which also broke all the TV rights Record across the Europe. TV rights deal for 2016-2019 to increase for next three years and reach £8.5 billion for foreign rights and £5 billion from domestic UK TV rights.

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Each Premier League Club Salaries 2016-17 Season

Premier League Club’s Salaries 2016-17

Latest news EPL clubs salary players list? Here is a list of the Premier League‘s Salaries for each Premier League club. Enjoy!

 NoEPL salaries by team
 Salaries 2016-17 Salaries 2015-16 Salaries 2014-15Salaries 2013-14
1Manchester City Players salaries £225m£193.8m£205m£216m
2Manchester United Players salaries£220.8m£203 m£215.8m£187m
3Chelsea Players Salaries£218m£215.6m£192.7m£190m
4Arsenal Players salaries£200.5m£192m£180.4m£166.4m
5Liverpool Players salaries£165.6m£152m£144m£140m
6Tottenham Players salaries£121.2m£110.5m£100.4m£112m
 West Ham United Players salaries£79.8m £69.5m £63.9m £60m 
Leicester City Players salaries£66m£48.2m £36.6m
 Newcastle United £75.8m£78.3m£68m
 Everton £83m£74.7m£69.3m£66m
 Stoke City£75.9m£72.3m£60.6m£55m
 Sunderland £68.3m£71m£69.5m£55m
 Aston Villa  £65.1m£69.3m£74m
 West Bromwich £65m£68.5m£65.4m£49m
 Southampton £63.6m£59.5m£55.2m£47m
 Swansea City£59m£51m£48.1m£55m
 Crystal Palace £55m£54.3m £45.7m 
 Norwich City £37m  
 Hull City£25m   

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