Stade de Reims Players Salaries 2018/19 (Wages & Contracts)


Stade de Reims Players Salaries

Stade de Reims Players Salaries 2018/19

Want to know what the Stade de Reims Players Salaries 2018/19 are? Who are Reims’ highest-earning players? How much do Stade de Reims players earn? Have you ever wondered about which players at Stade de Reims earn the most? Well if you have, then worry not, because we have prepared a full list of the Stade de Reims players salaries 2018/19.

Reims is a French football club based in Reims.

The club was founded in 1910 as “Société Sportive du Parc Pommery” and currently plays in Ligue 1, having been promoted from Ligue 2 in 2017/18.

Reims have won six Ligue 1 titles, two Coupe de France trophies, and five Trophée des champions titles.

Stade de Reims Information 2018

Reims plays their home matches at the Stade Auguste Delaune. It has a seating capacity of 21,684 fans.

Highest Paid Stade de Reims Player 2018/19 (Weekly Wage)

Stade de Reims Player Wages? Ligue One wages? How much do French ligue 1 footballers earn? Who is earning the most at Stade de Reims? Who are the highest-earning players at Stade de Reims?

Hyun-jun Suk Stade de Reims Players Salaries

Stade de Reims do not reveal their wages information but judging by transfer market value as highlighted in table below- it is likely that players such as Björn Engels and Hyun-jun Suk are earning the most at Stade de Reims

Stade de Reims players salaries 2018/19 (Weekly Wage)

Reims, like most other football clubs, do not release their wage bill. However many journalists often break wage bill information which are often accurate. But for Ligue One teams, very little is known about players wage bills.

The average salary in French football is quite low compared to other leagues. So here are the Stade de Reims Players Salaries and contract details 2018/19.

Stade de Reims Players Salaries and contracts 2018/19

# Player Age Pos Contract until Market value
16 Edouard Mendy 26 GK 30/06/20 £900k
1 Johann Carrasso 30 GK 30/06/19 £450k
30 Nicolas Lemaître 21 GK £135k
Ryan Bouallak 19 GK
2 Björn Engels 24 CB 30/06/19 £5.40m
5 Yunis Abdelhamid 30 CB 30/06/20 £1.35m
19 Thomas Fontaine 27 CB 30/06/21 £900k
6 Axel Disasi 20 CB 30/06/21 £360k
29 Patrick Bahanack 21 CB £135k
3 Ghislain Konan 22 LB 30/06/22 £3.60m
27 Moussa Bana 20 LB £135k
32 Thomas Foket 23 RB £3.15m
15 Romain Métanire 28 RB 30/06/19 £1.58m
32 Hendrick Cakin 25 RB 30/06/19 £135k
4 Alaixys Romao 34 DM 30/06/20 £720k
26 Nolan Mbemba 23 DM 30/06/21 £540k
7 Xavier Chavalerin 27 CM 30/06/19 £900k
20 Tristan Dingomé 27 CM £900k
17 Aly Ndom 22 CM 30/06/20 £540k
13 Hassane Kamara 24 LM 30/06/19 £630k
8 Marvin Martin 30 AM 30/06/19 £630k
4 Mathieu Cafaro . 21 AM 30/06/19 £540k
28 Virgile Piechocki 21 AM £135k
25 Moussa Doumbia 24 LW 30/06/22 £900k
54 Sheyi Ojo 21 RW 30/06/19 £2.25m
12 Pablo Chavarría 30 RW 30/06/19 £1.80m
10 Hyun-jun Suk 27 CF 30/06/22 £3.15m
18 Rémi Oudin 21 CF 30/06/21 £1.35m
9 Anatole Ngamukol 30 CF 30/06/19 £630k

Stade de Reims stream

Reims are mostly supported across Reims in France.

There are many fans who want to see their club get on a good track and compete on a top level. Reims live stream online free is some.thing that is interesting to many. There are many sites to stream Reims.

Reims game schedule

Fixtures Reims? The Ligue One is determined after playing 38 game weeks.

Then they also play domestic cup competitions and Champions League which makes it easy to get around 50 or 60 matches in a season.

Therefore, Stade de Reims fixtures are packed and it is possible to play two or three matches within a week.

When it comes to Stade de Reims fixtures and Stade de Reims schedule, it’s possible to see when the team is playing their next match in Ligue One’s game schedule.

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