Essendon To Face Hearing In November

Essendon to face hearing in November

Essendon to face hearing in November

The Court of Arbitration for Sport hearing regarding the Essendon supplements scandal will now begin on November 16 in Sydney.

Essendon to face hearing in November

The case involving 34 former and current Essendon players is expected to last between five and seven days says the CAS

The hearing will be recorded as the longest ever conducted by CAS in recent years.

A verdict is said to be announced some weeks later.


The World Anti-Doping Agency has appealed the AFL ruling NOT to sanction players accused of using banned peptides back  in 2012.

The accusation is players were allegedly injected with a banned substance, Thymosin Beta-4, at the recommendation of a sports scientist.

The AFL then banned Essendon from the 2013 finals series during the investigation into the matter.

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