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About Silly Season

Silly Season is a fan-driven website dedicated to football fans from around the world! Silly Season brings you the latest football news direct from Europe and large parts of the world.

Silly Season: Network

Silly Season was started in late 2011 and has grown considerably since then and continues to grow thanks to the dedicated and talented team members that constantly monitors and keep up to date to write about the latest happening in the world of football to write news about games, rumors, transfers and much more for our fans around the world. Here you can see some of our editorial team.

A large part of the growth of course depends on you fans who are constantly re-visit our sites, and Facebook and Twitter pages and advises us on the latest news. You are the reason we are continuing and want to do even better and motivates us to write about the very latest football news. Thank you all football fans!

Today is the Silly Season an established network with a large number of passionate football fans, editors, writers, desginers, video editors and other employees based in several countries looking to provide you you with absolute latest football news!

Silly Season: The team

The Silly Season Team consists fans like the rest of us and who simply love football! The articles and news that you read the Silly Season are written by our writers who are themselves fans and love football and their football team passionately.

Silly Season is managed by football fanatics who strive to be at the forefront and provide the fans with the latest football news.

Silly Season offers all players, officials, fans and critics to have your opinion about football that we all love. Do you recognize yourself in this so please feel free to contact us and we’ll make sure you join our team!

The Silly Season network is owned and operated by the Swedish company TripleS Group AB.