10 players Liverpool should look to buy with Champions League qualification!

6) Virgil van Dijk

Another type of player Liverpool are missing: the commanding centre-back. Joel Matip has definitely improved Liverpool’s back line this season, but he has not perfected it by any means. Liverpool need a Jamie Carragher or John Terry figure, a leader who will organise their defence properly. Their defender at corners this season has been abysmal, and a loud, commanding figure in the box could sort that problem. He’s Southampton’s captain for a reason.

5) Douglas Costa

Another quality winger that I believe Liverpool should look to sign this summer. His world-class dribbling skills and crossing ability will provide Liverpool with the sort of outlet that Sadio Mané has for most of this season. In the Champions League, you have to have a good squad depth in order to properly compete in the competition, and Douglas Costa is certainly one of the top-class players Liverpool should be looking to bring in.

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