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Aguero lifts the lid on life at Etihad

Aguero lifts the lid on life at Etihad

Sergio Aguero has revealed how his time at Manchester City has been.

He said, “It was hard to imagine spending so long with one club when I first started off… but as time went by, it became clearer to me that it was exactly what I wanted.

“And here I am – enjoying my eighth season with Manchester City.

“I’ve felt very comfortable since my first day here, and this feeling has only become stronger as the years continued.”

“How couldn’t I feel like a Mancunian?” he said.

“I feel at home in this club and in this city. As soon as I arrived, I’ve felt like I belonged – that made the adaptation process much more natural.

“The respect and affection that I receive daily means a lot to me. It’s never easy to be far from my family, and, especially, from my son Benjamin.

“I’ve grown quite fond of Manchester over the years. It’s a city that experiences football with a great intensity – and, in spite of the local rivalry, the relationship with our neighbours has always been friendly and cordial towards me.

“I believe coming to Manchester City is one of the best decisions I’ve taken in my life.”

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