How did the PL bosses welcome Jose back?

How did the PL bosses welcome Jose back?

Jose Mourinho is back!

And here is what all the managers had to say about Mourinho on his return.

Speaking on Mourinho’s return, Klopp said: “Welcome back Jose. It’s nice to have him back, it was desperate in the time he was not here. On the other side, Mauricio is not there anymore and it shows how quickly things change.

“I couldn’t really believe it when I first heard it but a couple of hours later they had a solution. I hope he can enjoy the next few weeks because it won’t be long before he is back. And Jose is highly motivated.”

Pep said, “You know him (Mourinho) better than me. He was many years here in different clubs. Welcome back. An incredible manager and I’m pretty sure he’ll do a good job.”

Ole said, “It is good to have Jose back. Definitely, especially for you guys. For Mauricio, it is always sad when one of your colleagues – a good man – loses his job before Christmas. It is never nice to see. I wish him all the best. In football you can never be surprised at anything or shocked. I just have to focus on us.”

Speaking on Mourinho, Howe said: “I always welcome the best back into the league. It makes the league better.

“I was as surprised as everyone else looking from afar about what happened this week. But Jose’s an unbelievable manager and I think it’s great for the league that he’s back.”

Sheffield boss Wilder said, “The Premier League is 100% a better place for having Mourinho back. And he’ll get a tune out of those World class players.”

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