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Mourinho and Spurs in deep trouble for breaking Government’s quarantine lockdown rules!

Mourinho and Spurs in deep trouble for breaking Government's quarantine lockdown rules!

Tottenham Hotspur coach Jose Mourinho and a group of his players have been found guilty of breaking the UK Government rules.

With over 50,000 people infected in UK, the global pandemic of the Coronavirus has reached a serious stage in the country.

The Government enforced serious lockdown rules across the country where people have to be in quarantine. They are only allowed to leave their houses to exercise with their family members while maintaining a distance of at least 2 metres at least.

However, yesterday Jose Mourinho was spotted with this Tottenham Hotspur players around London clearly having a practice session,

It involved the boss himself, with the likes of Serge Aurier, Tanguy Ndombele and Ryan Sessegnon.

Spurs spokesperson said: “All of our players have been reminded to respect social distancing when exercising outdoors. We shall continue to reinforce this message.”

However, the situation is not something acceptable by any standards at a time where thousands of people are dying. Mourinho’s biggest concern being the fitness of his players simply cannot supersede an entire country’s safety.

Moreover it is callous and careless acts like these which will lead to an extension of the pandemic’s time period.

As usual, being typically Mourinho, he defended his horrible act. Poor class, Jose. People’s lives should at least be bigger than your ego.

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