Pep Guardiola’s classy statement on offside goal controversy

Raheem Sterling broke the deadline yesterday against Watford with a goal that can possibly be ruled as an offside. However, instead of stirring the situation Guardiola has come up with a legit and logical reason and a classy statement you can expect from a top boss. Take note, Mr.Klopp.

Guardiola said: “Just in case it is offside, I am sorry. I don’t know. I am really sorry if it is. That is a simple solution next season. It should be here this season but with VAR next season it will not be a problem. It will be more fair. Manchester City voted to install VAR this season. Other clubs didn’t accept that. Hopefully next season, like in Europe, they can accept that we install VAR in this situation and it will be fair. I apologise to Javi and Watford if the first goal is offside. The game is so fast and so quick. Even the people sat here don’t know if it is offside or onside. If we have doubts here, imagine how it is for the referee who has to make a decision in a split second.”

He added: “That decision, I think everybody could see what happened. This season, I haven’t criticised the referees and I am not going to do so today. If the officials want to explain what happened they can do it but in my opinion the position is clear. We tried to compete until the end and that’s all I can say. In my opinion, today was clear because in the moment that (Sergio) Aguero touches the ball, Sterling is in an offside position. A clear offside position. Maybe two metres. That is a position of influence as well because he is going to the ball. After, it is true that the defender touches the ball but the defender touches the ball when the striker is going to press him and is close to him. In my opinion, it is clear.”

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