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Sir Alex Ferguson insists: ‘Liverpool STILL make me nervous’


Even though Sir Alex Ferguson retired from the footballing dugout in 2013, the former Manchester United manager has insisted he still gets the same buzz as he did in his managerial days.

Sir Alex, 75, is a regular spectator at United games, and still feels nervous when big games against old rivals Liverpool and Manchester City roll around.

Ferguson has a stand named after him at Old Trafford and he is currently a director and ambassador at the Red Devils. He won 38 trophies during his 26 years at the club.

‘Being at the club for 26-and-a-half years I didn’t want to wipe it out of my life,’ said Ferguson.

‘When they made me a director and an ambassador, I thought that was the perfect position to be in – watching the team, enjoying it and travelling with them at times

‘Strangely enough, I don’t get over-excited about it. I enjoy watching because they’re a great club to watch.

‘There’s always something exciting about that club, there’s always something going to happen. No matter whether they lose or win, there’s always something really exciting about it.

‘The only time I get a bit anxious is when we play Liverpool and Man City because those are the biggest games.

‘The things about English football is the tribalism. You’ve got the London clubs, the Midlands clubs and the Yorkshire clubs. That creates a real competitive edge to matches.

‘But nothing compares to the Liverpool game. Of course, Manchester City now have risen to a very prominent position in the game and those games have become very important too.’

Speaking to US Radio station SiriusXM, Sir Alex added that he thought current United manager Jose Mourinho was doing a good job, and that winning the Europa League will be easier than achieving a top four finish, with both routes offering entry into the Champions League next season.

He added: ‘I get on well with Jose and I think he’s doing a really good job.

‘He’s been a bit unlucky because they’ve been absolutely brilliant in most of their home games and drawn (seven of) them. If they had got the wins they deserved they would be challenging for the league, no doubt about that.

‘Their season is still alive. They’ve won the League Cup, they’re in the Europa League and I think they have a great chance there. It’s very important now because if you win it you are in the Champions League.

‘In the Premier League at the moment, there is a real fight for the positions behind Chelsea – Tottenham, Arsenal, Liverpool, ourselves. It’s not going to be easy to get into the top four.

‘They could do it. But I look at the Europa League as a great chance. First of all, they’ve never won the Europa League. We’ve not been in it many times but none the less it adds to the CV.

‘Winning a trophy at United is the most important thing. That’s what the club’s history is about, winning trophies.

‘I looked upon the League Cup as the manager did, and his build up to it was “this is an important trophy”. I was fortunate enough to win it four times. No matter the trophy, if you get to a final you’ve got to win it.’

By Steve Osborne               @BlizzardSteve75




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