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Horse Racing Tips: How To Bet On Horse Racing?

Horse Racing Tips: How To Bet On Horse Racing?

Free Horse Racing Tips

Are you here looking for today’s horse racing tipsWhat is the best site for horse racing tips? Horse racing tips today? Professional horse racing tips? As you know, there is quite a bit of gambling attached to this sport. So, many people look for tips to understand the sport and bet on the right horse to win some money.

Horse racing is an equestrian sport involving two or more horses being ridden to a finish line by their riders, who are also referred to as jockeys. Like running competitions, these races are differentiated by distances. It is one of the oldest sports in human history with the main basis of the competition is to predict which three horses will take the podium.

Horse Racing Tips: How To Bet On Horse Racing?

Where can I get the best horse racing tips?

Horse racing is very popular in the United Kingdom, Australia and several European countries. They vary according to their country of origin with several traditions surrounding the local events. In some countries, racing is limited to particular breeds. There are also running over obstacles called Cross-country, running over different distances (a mile, mile and a quarter, mile and an 8th, mile and a 16th), running on different tracks.

While horse racing is carried out for the sport, the event is the hub of betting and gambling associations. In 2008, it generated a worldwide market value of $115 billion.

Today’s Horse Racing Tips

Horse racing remains one of the only sports which are still running during the Coronavirus pandemic. You can bet on races in Australia, Louisiana and Texas, as well as harness racing in Sweden, Canada and Ohio. Several thoroughbred tracks like Aqueduct in New York and Santa Anita Park in California will be operational but behind closed doors.

In Ireland, it has been decided that horse racing will continue after considering all Government guidelines and regulations. However, the British Horse Racing Authority has suspended all events until April. You can watch live stream all races at bet365.

How to win at horse racing?

Now, this is all up for personal interpretation but it is possible to pick up a few tips and tricks. To get the best horse racing results, you need to go to the races. Look a bit lost somewhere near the tote/bookies. Wait until an elderly gentleman with a sparkle in his eye approaches you and inquires if you’d like a tip.

Look coy.

Wait until he reveals his best tip but only accept it if he says it came from the jockey. Jockeys always know what’s what on the track.

Tips are invaluable. The odds of this working are roughly 5 to 1.

Horse Racing: How to bet on horse racing?

Betting is fairly simple in horse racing. bet365 offers a simple way of placing bets on horse races across the globe.

Unfortunately, no live horse racing is scheduled on TV in the UK. Major horse races like The Grand National, Cheltenham Festival, Badminton Horse Trials, daily UK race meetings and more are covered on Unibet and bet365.

Horse Racing Tips: How To Bet On Horse Racing?

Templegates Horse Racing Tips: Best Professional Tips

The SUN runs a daily column about horse races in the United Kingdom. The article provides you information on who the likely winners are on specific race days.

Best Horse Racing Tips For Today: What does SP mean in horse racing?

SP stands for Starting Price in horse racing. It is the odds handed out to horses prior to the start of a race. A panel of experts decides these odds based on the fluctuation of prices at the racetrack and several other factors.

A list is made of odds from different horses from longest to shortest order. The list is then broken up into two halves. SP will be the shortest odds in the half containing the longest odds. This price is offered by most bookmakers on race days. You will also find them at bet365.

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Horse Racing Super Tips: What does each way mean in horse racing?

An Each Way (E/W) bet in horse racing is typified by two bets. One bet is for the horse to win and the other is for the horse to place. Your stakes are doubled because these are two bets. You will win money if your selected horse wins and also if it places on the podium. The place part of the bet will always be a fraction of the odds you have taken, usually 1/4 or 1/5.

What does nap mean in horse racing?

A nap refers to tips in horse racing. Tipsters are people who provide likely possibilities on horse races. They can do so physically or on the internet on betting websites like bet365 or Unibet. Now, not all tips are naps. The ones which are considered to be a complete certainty are called naps. Tipsters often try to indicate the “nap” on newspapers or public forums.

Horse Racing Tips: How To Bet On Horse Racing? 1

Best Horse Racing Tips Today: What does pulled up mean in horse racing?

This simply means that the jockey has decided that the horse should cease to continue to take any further part in the race.

The main reasons would be the safety of the horse. If he felt the horse had sustained an injury or was in danger of sustaining an injury, then his priority would always be the well-being of the horse. So he would pull on the reins and slow the horse to a stop or walk; he might dismount and examine the horse.

Other times it could be because the horse was not running well enough to win and there would be no point continuing to race as that would over-exert the horse and possibly lead to injury. Or maybe it had blundered badly at a jump and had lost any chance of winning.

Always the welfare of the horse would be paramount.

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