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10 football transfers that shook the world!


Moves that got everyone talking

Yet again, we are approaching the January transfer deadline day, after witnessing what we can all agree with a very dull transfer window.

So, in the interest of keeping things exciting, we decided to put this list together. This is 10 football transfers of all time that ‘shook the world’/got everyone really excited.

Were any of these one of your favourites?

10) John Obi Mikel to Chelsea

It seems that Chelsea snached Mikel away from Manchester United at the very last second from Lyn Oslo, as the Red Devils claim they had a deal done for the midfielder. There was a massive row over who made the deal first, and the Norwegian Football Federation’s intervention led to Chelsea paying a split fee of £16m to Manchester United (£12m) and Lyn (£4m) for a player who would win every domestic and continental trophy available to him over the next decade.


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