10 Players Who Declined Under Mourinho

Top 10 Footballers Destroyed By Jose Mourinho

Despite calling himself ‘The Special One’, Jose Mourinho is known to stall and even kill some players careers due to his specific and different managerial approach, and today, SillySeason are going to look at 10-players that have declined under the Chelsea boss.

Now first off, we must state that Mourinho is a superb manager. His ability to win the big matches and win trophies is truly stunning, but he certainly has a reputation of killing some players careers.

Mourinho has been manager of FC Porto, Chelsea, Inter Milan, Real Madrid and then Chelsea yet again, and most of the players on this list come from his time in England and Spain.

So lets waste no more time and look into the players that have declined under Mourinho’s management.

10. Juan Cuadrado

Juan Cuadrado had a stunning World Cup with Colombia and then continued his form into Serie A with Fiorentina, but in January, he completed his switch to Premier League side Chelsea in a deal worth around £23million.

The winger left Fiorentina with Mohamed Salah going the other way on a six-month loan deal, but Cuadrado simply couldn’t make an impact at Stamford Bridge.

Mourinho barely picked his new signing and only seemed to have faith in him once the Premier League title was wrapped up.

Cuadrado still hasn’t scored for The Blues and could be off this summer.

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