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Antonio Conte CONFIRMS Chelsea striker DOES want to leave!


Antonio Conte revealed to Chelsea fans Dominic Solanke want’s to leave in his press conference ahead of tomorrow’s game against Wolves.

Asked about the future of Dominic Solanke, Conte didn’t deny that he could be on the way out of the club. Asked to confirm whether the striker would be leaving the club upon the expiry on his contract in the summer, the Blues boss confirmed “I think it is his will”.

“It is best to ask him [why]. I think for a young player to stay in a great team like Chelsea is a great opportunity. You have have to respect his decision new messages.

“I have spoken with him to try to understand his will. It is normal.

“We must have a great respect for every decision. His contract expires in June and he has the full will to stay in Chelsea or to go away.”

Rumours also emerged earlier today that the striker was considering moving to Liverpool on a free transfer, but that’s probably fake news as it came from the sun. who are terrible at speculation and will blatantly lie.

Meanwhile, the Daily Mail aka the Daily Fail are saying Chelsea to lose Dominic Solanke because they are refusing to meet £50000-a-week deal.

THEN, the Daily Star are going with a story that Dominic Solanke rejected a new deal as he’s told pals he’s joining Liverpool.

But, we all know where those ‘Star has told friends’ stories come from, the mainstream media, and we all know what they do, don’t we.

They lie.


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