Home Football Arsenal vs Man City – Combined Starting XI

Arsenal vs Man City – Combined Starting XI


8. Fernandinho – Man City – Central Midfielder

Fernandinho is a great midfield player to have. His passing range is superb and his ability to get the ball moving to help start flowing attacks for his side means he is a good weapon to have in the arsenal.

The Brazilian is also good defensively as well. When not on the attack, his ball interception ability is fantastic and he is able to stop opposition attacks before they even really begin.

He is another player who isn’t often afraid to put a tackle in and with the ability to stop attacks and then start up attacks for Man City on his own after winning the ball back, he is a key player to have in the centre of the field.

His versatility also means he can be used as a defender as well, having featured as both a left-back and right-back so far this campaign.


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