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Arsenal Youngsters Close To New Deals


According to reliable Arsenal source, Arseblog, Arsenal’s two young midfielders Jack Wilshere and Aaron Ramsey look set to be put on long-term contracts.


The change of stance in Arsenal’s negotiations with players is evident as they look to secure their young stars on long deals, Jenkinson was the first to put pen to paper with the club and it is now understood Jack Wilshere and Aaron Ramsey are too, with Kieran Gibbs surely a future player to pin down.

 This comes after a run where Arsenal have been punished for the likes of Samir Nasri and Robin van Persie not signing contracts, letting their contracts run down to a year left and being seemingly in control when it comes to negotiations with the club. Despite these two sagas, Arsenal failed to pin down Theo Walcott and with just over six months left on his current contract, Arsenal look prone to losing another player they have invested a lot of money and time into for well below the price the player is worth.

Wilshere’s extension was inevitable as it is well known he is a great talent, but with his recent brilliant form shown so shortly after his return from a 17 month spell on the sidelines, Wenger feels the need to pin down the Arsenal youngster even more. Arsene Wenger said on the matter, “I expected him to be back next year in February at his best; he looks to be there much earlier than I expected him to be.”

Aaron Ramsey on the other hand isn’t admired as much as Wilshere amongst the fans it seems. His failure to reach the heights before his leg break is leaving growing frustrations with Ramsey and increasing doubts about his future at the club. Despite this Wenger still looks to have faith in the former Welsh captain and wants to pin him down on a new deal at the club. His previous deal was agreed in June 2010, but Arsenal feel the need to go into negotiations with the player again and extend his already secure situation.

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