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Borussia Dortmund’s offer for Lautaro Martinez is late


Dortmund late to sign Racing Club’s Lautaro Martinez

Borussia Dortmund’s offer to sign striker Lautaro “has arrived too late” according to Racing club President as they already reached an agreement to sell him to Inter Milan and  Racing would like to honour the agreement.

“We received an offer from Dortmund [on Monday] but Racing can’t do anything because we already have a deal in place with Inter and we will respect what we agreed,” Racing Club president Victor Blanco told Argentinian radio Radio Continental.

“I also think the player has everything done with Inter. I really don’t see any chances of that being modified. I don’t think there is any other destination for Lautaro than Inter.”

Blanco also confirmed that Martinez was also Atletico Madrid’s target-

“We never wanted to sell the player and we often spoke to the player’s agent and thanks to those conversations they listened to us and the player did not leave for the €12m that Atletico offered back then,” Blanco said.

Blanco admitted he would have preferred to sell the player this summer-

“For us it would have been better that Lautaro went to the World Cup and then sold him because they would have paid €50m or €60m for him,” Blanco told TyC Sport. “But it’s going to be very difficult for us to keep him beyond June although there is still a glimmer of hope.”

The president also confirmed the details related to Martinez  transfer to Inter Milan-

“The only figure we know from the [Inter] deal is that of $27m before tax plus a 10 percent on a future sale,” Blanco said. “We will then have to deduct the fee for [Martinez’s former club] Bahia Blanca, who own 20 percent of the player’s rights.”

Martinez has scored 9 goals from 23 league appearances.He was also recently called up for Argentina National Team.

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