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BREAKING!: Roman Abramovich FIRES Chelsea star over bad remarks in Interview


Sacked for disrespecting the club!

Antonio Conte has asked striker Diego Costa to leave the club immediatly after he made disrespectful remarks about Chelsea Football Club and his manager.

Diego Costa was interviewed last night on a weekly football show called ‘Te has engañado’

During the interview Costa was asked by the host “What do you think could be improved at Chelsea Football Club”

To which Costa replied:

“I think its management, we change too many times and our current manager is not one I would have chose, I respect him [Conte] as a player very much, but as manager I think he demands a lot from us, I think in the future a new manager will much suited to my style”

Shocked by his response the host then asked “is there anything else?”

“I think the fans get too angry all the time, they blame blame blame and turn so quickly, I did not have this at Atletico, I miss a good fans like this”

After the interview reports say that Roman called for a meeting with Costa this morning and has terminated his contract.

Cost is now a free agent.

And if you believed all that you clearly forgot it’s April 1st…APRIL FOOLS!!!, don’t giveaway the joke in the comments on Facebook, instead tag a mate hehe 😉 🙂

Costa is going nowhere haters.

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