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Champions League TV Channel 2020: What TV Channel is Champions League on in UK?

Champions League TV Channel 2020: What TV Channel is Champions League on in UK?

Champions League TV Channel! Find out where to catch Champions League action!

Champions League TV Channel is something many of us want to know before our teams kick off their matches. So what tv channel is champions league on? The Champions League is a prestigious competition played by the best teams across Europe and hence people want to learn what TV Channel is Champions League on in UK, USA, Australia, India, etc!

Here we will talk about these TV Channels which broadcast Champions League from the pre-qualifiers stage to the final of the tournament! Watch & Bet Sports =>

Champions League TV Channel

The Champions League is one of the most-watched leagues in the world. It has a special occasion sense to it due to the teams who participate in it. They are usually the biggest in Europe and it is because of the top players they have in their ranks.

So when the Champions League matches kick-off, the viewership automatically is at an all-time high given the huge fan bases these top clubs have. The TV Channel for Champions League matches hence becomes incredibly important.

Moreover, the Champions League throughout its various stages plays multiple matches together. Of these matches, only a few channels broadcast all matches while most of them only broadcast the biggest matches.

The likes of SonyLiv in India and ESPN in the US do not broadcast more than 2 matches at a time and only provide live updates of the remaining matches and goal actions during the half-time show.

Champions League Final TV Channel

Historically speaking, the final is, of course, the second most-watched live event in the world. It comes at a close second to the FIFA World Cup Final which is held every four years.

The popular events like Superbowl in the US or the cricket World Cup Final, or the NBA play-offs final or the Wimbledon finals all rank way below the Champions League Final TV viewership.

So multiple channels struggle to get broadcasting rights of the Champions League Final as it presents a lucrative offer in terms of advertisement as well for the service providers.

Champions League TV Channel

Champions League Final TV Channel 2020

The Champions League Final TV Channel will be different for different countries. Moreover, not all channels will be broadcasting the final in English. Countries like the USA, UK, Australia, Great Britain and some places like India, etc get the broadcast in English.

Most countries have only one official sponsor of the Champions League while at times some countries like England get more than one.

The last final which was between PSG and Bayern Munich was held back in August 2020 was broadcasted in 137 countries.

The next Champions League Final is expected to be on 150+ TV Channels across the world.

What TV Channel is the Champions League Final On: UK, Germany, and European countries

Here you can find out which TV Channel will have Champions League for countries in Europe! Watch & Bet Sports =>


TV Coverage & Broadcaster

Albania  Tring
Andorra  RMC Sport
Armenia  Armenia TV
 Austria  Sky Austria
Azerbaijan  CBC Sport, AzTV
Belarus  Belarus TV
Belgium  RTL, Q2, VIER, Proximus (FR), Proximus (NL)
Bosnia and Herzegovina  SportKlub, Arena Sport
Bulgaria  A1, bTV Media Group
Croatia  HRT, VIPNET
Cyprus  CYTA
Czech Republic  o2
Denmark  Viasat Denmark
Estonia  All Media Baltics
Finland  MTV
France  RMC Sport
FYR Macedonia  Macedonia Telekom
Georgia  Silk Sport
Germany  Sky Deutschland
Hungary  MTVA, TV2
Iceland  Stod 2 Sport
Republic of Ireland  RTÉ, Virgin Media
Israel  The Sports Channel
Italy  Sky Italia
Kazakhstan  QazSport
Kosovo  Kujtesa
Latvia  All Media Baltics
Lithuania  All Media Baltics
Luxembourg  RTL, RMC Sport
Malta  PBS, TSN
Moldova  Canal 3
Monaco  RMC Sport
Montenegro  SportKlub, Arena Sport
Netherlands  Ziggo Sport, Veronica
Norway  Viasat
Poland  Telewizja Polsat
Portugal  Eleven Sports
Romania  Telekom Sport, Digi Sport
Russia  Match TV
San Marino  Sky Italia
Serbia  RTS, Arena Sport
Slovakia  Orange Sport
Slovenia  Pro Plus, SportKlub
Spain  beIN Sports
Sweden  Viasat
Switzerland  SRG, Teleclub
Ukraine  Volia TV, Football 1
United Kingdom  BT Sport
Vatican City  Sky Italia

Champions League TV UK: Which TV Channel is Champions League on?

The Champions League has two broadcasters for UK. The primary channel on TV for UK people to watch Champions League on is BT Sport while some can watch it on BT Sport 2 as well. In the USA, Univision alongside ESPN will broadcast the Champions League final while Optus Sport will broadcast the final in Australia. However, SONY will broadcast the Champions League Final in the Indian subcontinent.

Champions League TV Channel

Champions League TV Channel: Which TV Channel is Champions League on outside Europe?

Here you can find out which TV Channel will have Champions League for countries that are not in Europe! Watch & Bet Sports =>


TV Coverage & Broadcaster

Afghanistan  Sony
Algeria  beIN Sports
Angola  Canal+, SuperSport
Anguilla  Flow Sports , SportsMax
Antigua & Barbuda  Flow Sports , SportsMax
Argentina  Fox Sports, ESPN, Facebook
Aruba  Flow Sports , SportsMax, Fox Sports, ESPN, Facebook, Ziggo Sport, Veronica
Ascension Island  Fox Sports, ESPN, Facebook
Australia  Optus Sport
Austral Islands  RMC Sport
Bahamas  Flow Sports , SportsMax
Bahrain  beIN Sports
British Virgin Islands  Flow Sports , SportsMax
Brunei  Goal.com
Burkina Faso  Canal+, SuperSport
Costa Rica  Fox Sports, ESPN, Facebook
Cuba  Flow Sports , SportsMax
Curacao  Flow Sports , SportsMax, Fox Sports, ESPN, Facebook, Ziggo Sport, Veronica
Democratic Republic of Congo  Canal+, SuperSport
Djibouti  beIN Sports, Canal+, SuperSport
Dominica  Flow Sports , SportsMax
Dominican Republic  Flow Sports , SportsMax, Fox Sports, ESPN, Facebook
Ecuador  Fox Sports, ESPN, Facebook
Egypt  beIN Sports
El Salvador  Fox Sports, ESPN, Facebook
Eritrea  Canal+, SuperSport
Ethiopia  Canal+, SuperSport
Falkland Islands  Fox Sports, ESPN, Facebook
Fiji  FBC TV
French Guiana  Fox Sports, ESPN, Facebook, RMC Sport
French Polynesia  RMC Sport
Guinea-Bissau  Canal+, SuperSport
Guyana  SportsMax, Fox Sports, ESPN, Facebook
India  Sony Six
Indonesia  Total Sports Blast
Iran  beIN Sports
Iraq  beIN Sports
Ivory Coast  Canal+, SuperSport
Jordan  beIN Sports
Kenya  Canal+, SuperSport
Kuwait  beIN Sports
Kyrgyzstan  Saran
Laos  Goal.com
La Réunion  RMC Sport
Lebanon  beIN Sports
Lesotho  SuperSport
Liberia  Canal+, SuperSport
Libya  beIN Sports
Macau  TDM Desporto
Madagascar  Canal+, SuperSport
Malawi  Canal+, SuperSport
Malaysia  Goal.com
Niger  Canal+, SuperSport
Nigeria  Canal+, SuperSport
Oman  beIN Sports
Philippines  Goal.com
Qatar  beIN Sports
Rwanda  Canal+, SuperSport
St Vincent & the Grenadines  Flow Sports , SportsMax
Sudan  beIN Sports
Suriname  Fox Sports, ESPN, Facebook
Swaziland  SuperSport
Syria  beIN Sports
Taiwan  Goal.com
Tajikistan  Saran
Tanzania  Canal+, SuperSport
United States  Univision, TNT, B/R Live
Uruguay  Fox Sports, ESPN, Facebook
Uzbekistan  Saran
Venezuela  Fox Sports, ESPN, Facebook
Vietnam  K+
Wallis  RMC Sport
Yemen  beIN Sports
Zimbabwe  Canal+, SuperSport


  • What network is Champions League on?

Champions League for this season is being shown on 150+ networks of a channel. Find out here where it is being shown in your country!

  • Which channel can i watch UEFA Champions League?

If you are in USA – try ESPN or Univision, Australians can try Optus Sport while Indians can see it on Sony Liv/Sony Six.

  • Is UEFA Champions League on TV?

Yes, each country has one official broadcaster of the Champions League while some countries have more than one to shown on TV!

  • What Channel is showing Champions League in UK?

It is BT Sport which can show Champions League in UK!

Champions League TV Channel

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