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Chelsea star set to sign contract extension


I’ll wait for the mainstream media to admit they lied all season about Diego Costa leaving.

Still waiting.

As per usual the MSM’s lies come undone at the end of the season, Costa was never going back to Atletico, simple reason being the transfer ban was never going to be overturned and reports just came out that Atletico’s transfer ban is being upheld, oh, what you never heard of this ban?, funny that, the mainstream media must have left all that out when reporting Costa will return.

Just think about that, The Spanish side were banned in July 2016 from registering players for two transfer windows for breaching Fifa rules over the signing of minors, yet the mainstream media still reported he will return, but how? they couldn’t do any deals while the ban was on and they still can’t now, nothing has changed, Costa could never go back.

The knew this the whole time.

And what about the move to the Chinese Super League?, again lies, the Club over in China even released an official statement saying the rumours were not true.

What about the bust up between Costa and Conte?, never happened, more fake news, proof right here.

So at the end of all the hit pieces against Chelsea and Costa we now find out that there is a contract on the table for Diego, all he has to do is slap his signature on it and it’s Champions League city next season.

Which he will do.

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