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Chelsea winger Raheem Sterling reveals his retirement plans from football

Chelsea FC Strikers - Raheem Sterling

In a recent interview with Sky Sports, Chelsea winger Raheem Sterling revealed his retirement plans. The 29-year-old, who will be 30 next month, revealed that he plans to leave football when he no longer finds happiness in the sport he once loved.

While Sterling strives to continue playing at a high level for several more years, he realizes that the ever-changing world of professional football makes predicting how long his career will last difficult.

The retirement of another Chelsea icon, Eden Hazard, serves as a warning that even the most outstanding players may leave sooner than expected.

Hazard’s career suffered after he left Stamford Bridge in 2019, and he eventually declared his retirement as a free agent, claiming a loss of interest for the game.

He said: “I’m like Hazard as well, in terms of once that moment comes that I’m not enjoying football, I feel like that’s the moment.

You don’t want to hate something that gave you so much love. I think you play football until you don’t enjoy it anymore.”

Sterling, like Hazard, points out that his love of the game will always come first, and that he will play football until he no longer enjoys it.

Sterling and Chelsea will face a difficult challenge from Tottenham, with both teams pursuing their different league goals. Sterling’s commitment to having fun on the field has been an inspiring factor in his career.

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