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An era comes to an end!

Dear Milanisti here comes the full presentation of Sandro Nestas press conference:

“This is my last season at Milan, I’m leaving. When the season finishes, I think of the next one and the pace of the games doesn’t allow to play all the time and since I’m not able to sit on the bench, I’ve made this decision after 10 years where I‘ve always been happy, I’ve met great people and I’ve won so much. I want to go and try a different experience where I can still do something good.”

“I always want to be important when playing. If I can’t play all the time, I don’t feel good and it’s the right decision to leave. I decided around February that this would be the last season, I spoke with the club and it’s all fine.”

I haven’t yet signed anything and I don’t know where I’ll go. It wouldn’t be bad to cross the ocean. There won’t be any other chances.”

“We all hoped to win the league because it was within reach, so there is disappointment. There’s a lot to evaluate for the future of the club, based on who stays and who goes.”

I’ve been coming to training at Milanello for 10 years. I want to thank everyone for all these years and I’ll miss everyone.
The players that I’ve played with for so many years, those that I’m most attached to, I’ll miss them in footballing terms.”

“I think I’m a serious player and I’ve tried to improve myself every day of my career.”

“Ancelotti was the most important coach of my career, for what we won and how we won. He made it seem like he was your team mate. My first Champions League title was the most beautiful win of my career.”

Grazie Campioni, Grazie Nesta.. Forza Milan!

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