Conte responds to fake news claims he is leaving Chelsea

Once again reports in the Mainstream Media turned out to be lies.

Reports have been circulating  that Conte is unhappy at Stamford Bridge and is looking to leave in the summer, However, these claims made by the media are complete lies.

Only less than a season into his three-year contract he signed last August, Conte has made a huge impact at Stamford Bridge, but the media still ran with the narrative that he was ‘homesick’ and was leaving, oh and there was an offer from Milan in there as well, complete bollocks.

The Italian is more than happy at the club, why wouldn’t he be?

In an interview, Conte made it very clear about it all:

“I am very happy for this experience because for me and my family it is incredible,” he told the Standard.

“For sure, in this season my wife and my daughter stayed in Italy but I hope they come and stay here also because I need them.

“Yes, I hope [I can manage here for years]. Usually, when you start a project with a new team you want to stay many years and to build something important with the club.

“For sure, to build you must work many years to have the opportunity to grow with your players and to try to win also because when you are the manager in a great club, the imperative is to try to win but also to play great football.

“It wasn’t easy for me when you arrive at the start of the season after a bad year.

“But I am pleased for the players because they showed me great commitment to fight and to come back very soon to fight for the title.

“The most important thing is the success of the club, the players and the manager.

“I was sure to arrive here and also to compete in this league with other good managers.

“Now, it is important to continue in this way because anything can happen until the end but we want to continue to stay on top of the table.”

So there you have it folks, he’s not going anywhere and he is very happy.

So ask yourself this, why do the mainstream media continue to lie to the fans?

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