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Conte wants Costa to bring out the Fire in him.

LONDON, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 05: Diego Costa of Chelsea celebrates scoring their second goalduring the Barclays Premier League match between Chelsea and Arsenal at Stamford Bridge on October 4, 2014 in London, England. (Photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images)

Conte has given bad boy Diego Costa some sound advice


Diego Costa who was the top scorer for Chelsea last year having scored 12 Goals under his name for Chelsea has had quite a spectacular start for Chelsea having scored 2 goals in three matches for Chelsea under the command  of the new Boss Antonio Conte. Last season was quite tough for Chelsea as they finished tenth in the premier league table and did not qualify for the Champions League either. It was also a difficult time for Costa as he was accused of biting the Tottenham  defender  Jan Vertonghen he was also not selected for the Spain squad and was also accused for having anger management issues.

As of Now

This year things have been turning  towards his favor after having a spectacular start with Chelsea thanks to the new manager Antoine Conte.  He was also taken in the Spain international squad and scored twice in the World Cup qualifying match against Liechtenstein which Spain  went on to win with the final score 8-0. Although there was a recently there have been news that the Chelsea Striker feels that he is being targeted

“But I’ll be honest, I am targeted here, by the referees, the people… if I do something, it’s totally different than if any other players do. It needs to be seen, that people targeted me.”

It has also been brought to notice that the Blues manager Antonio Conte who is know for having intense passion and love for his team and who also shows it in the field has asked the striker to use his emotions and his anger in the right place urging him to use the energy of his emotions and anger into the play and to focus on doing what is the best for him and the club which will eventually get him scoring goals and the Club winning. Following are quotes from the manager himself.

“I want him to play with the right passion and the right aggression. He must transfer his emotions on to the pitch in the right way. Always.”

“I think that Diego is a good guy. He’s a player who is very important for the team. I tell him: ‘Transfer your passion and enthusiasm in the right way, and it’s good for me’.

TO Conclude.

If this can be done from the Chelsea striker it would be great as the football world know what an amazing striker he is and the intensity of his emotions if these both combined he can perform miracles for himself and his club risking his chances on getting a yellow or a red card and staying more time on the pitch and doing what he can best,Scoring goals.

As of now this seems like a Great advice from Conte to Costa and we hoping Chelsea does their best to win the game against Swansea City today.



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