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5 things to do while England are playing!


England are playing! zzzzzzz…. It might sound a bit harsh but really, be honest, most football fans can’t wait for the Premier League to return next weekend!

5 things to do while England are playing! 1
wake me up when the Premier League’s back!

Despite qualification games when we seem to hammer everyone from the Faroe Islands to…Kazakhstan, we no longer seem to beat anyone decent anymore. After luckily beating Wales 2-1 with a goal in the last minute at last years Euros, England’s previous tournament victory was 1-0 against Ukraine in the 2012 Euros…and the last win in the World cup was in 2010 where the only victory was 1-0 against Slovenia despite having both Algeria and the USA in the group back then!

So here’s a list in the meantime of things to do in no particular order (except number 5 which is the most important!)

5 things to do while England are playing! 2
England 1998…..seems so far away now!


1…. Watch recordings of old England games when we were so much more exciting to watch (not difficult!)…. like England vs Argentina in the 1998 World cup…a thrilling last 16 game that in the end saw England lose on penalties…or watch the whole of the 96 Euros which saw England go all the way to the Semis and lose on penalties to arch enemies, The Germans and again England were oh so unlucky!

5 things to do while England are playing! 3
England 96…with Gazza too..our best ever?


2…..Go out and do your own sport instead of watching English footballers run around aimlessly with no apparent end result! Follow their example and do some free running or if anyone saw Phoebe from friends jogging wildly then that will be close enough to England football style!

5 things to do while England are playing! 4
Hey Gareth a bit more life in the team please!


3…Count the days until the Premier League is back. Yes there’s only one week to go..thank god! And next weekend there are some mouth watering fixtures to look forward to…How about the Anfield derby to kick off. Liverpool vs Everton! A game with Everton and in particular, Lukaku on great form. A victory for them brings them within 3 points of their rivals and remarkably could bring them into the Champions league dogfight for a top 4 finish. Next Sunday there’s Arsenal vs Manchester City a battle of the Champions League losers as both went out at the same stage over the last 2 weeks. Here’s the important stuff…

Saturday 1st April

Sunday 2nd April


4…Tuesday 4th and Wednesday 5th stay in…. grab the beers and call the mates over! Almost as an apology from the FA for having to sit through 2 England games in the same week, there is a full midweek schedule too! Manchester United vs Everton and the next day Chelsea vs Manchester City or Swansea vs Spurs are the highlights of a full fixture schedule….yes, get in there!

5 things to do while England are playing! 5
What took him so long long to find the exit!



5….Goes without saying …today is Mother’s day! Spend the whole day with your Mum. Go for a late lunch or an afternoon tea that drags on until 7pm so there is no way you can accidentally catch a glimpse of whatever dross the Roy Hodgson/Gareth Southgate created England team come up with!


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