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Lewandowski eager to break Muller’s goal record

Lewandowski eager to break Muller’s goal record

Robert Lewandowski has been scoring goals for fun this season. 

The big Polish striker has been on fine form since last season and was a runner up for Ballon d’Or. He is now close to breaking the record of German and football great Gerd Muller. 

Lewandowski has hailed the situation. 

Asked by Sport Bild what it would mean to break the record, Lewandowski replied: “A lot.

“[But the target of] this unique club legend is far away, I don’t want to worry too much.

“[If I get] one or two goals behind the 40 goals topic would be intense in my head.

“It would fill me with incredible pride. But Gerd Muller will always be Gerd Muller – [he is] unmatched.

“I might have a bit of mental stress: reaching this mark after almost 50 years would mean a lot to me.”

“When I was six years old, there was only one idol for me: Roberto Baggio,” he added.

“Alessandro Del Piero later became my role model in football, and I admired him. However, I was not yet able to judge exactly what characterises his style of play, I was just too young for that. 

“It later became Arsenal legend Thierry Henry. His movements, the runs in depth, the finishes – as a young footballer these were the qualities I wanted to have. I wanted to imitate everything Henry did.”

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