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Syrianska Football Club, also known simply as Syrianska FC , are a Swedish professional football club based in Södertälje. The club were founded in 1977, by Suryoyo immigrants as Suryoyo Sportklubb or simply Suryoyo SK. In 1986 the name was changed to Syrianska SK, the club later adopted its present name as the club grew and advanced through the league system. After two years in Superettan, Syrianska were promoted to the highest tier in Swedish football, Allsvenskan in 2010, for the first time in the club's history, making them the 61st team to play in Allsvenskan. The Suryoyo people do not have an official national team, and Syrianska is often viewed as its substitute. The literal translation of Syrianska from Swedish to English is disputed as there is a historical dispute concerning the translation of the original terms Suryoye and Suryoyo into English and Swedish. The official Swedish translation of Suryoyo is "Assyrier/Syrianer" which can be translated into English as "Assyrians/Syriacs". The club has a fan base from all over the world. Their promotion to Allsvenskan gained extensive coverage in Swedish TV sports programs, documentaries and magazines, as well as in non-Swedish magazines. Source:

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