Guardiola starts battle by taking a hit at Liverpool

Guardiola starts battle by taking a hit at Liverpool

Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola has taken a sly dig at Liverpool already!

The Reds won the Champions League while City did the domestic quadraple last season. And now Pep has claimed that Liverpool’s achievement were not better than theirs and in the process taunted the Reds for not winning the Premier League for nearly three decades.

“Of course we would like to win the Champions League – so big respect to Liverpool,” the manager claimed.

“But why is that a higher (achievement) than what we did in 11 months?

“I am pretty sure Liverpool would have liked to have won the Premier League, because it is 29 years since they last did.

“It’s incredibly good what they did in the Champions League, but we were better in the league.

“What we did has never been achieved before.

“It was awesome – and I think my colleagues and football players worldwide know how difficult it is.

“It was the first time in history that a team has won four titles in one season.

“Offer me the same again – even if it meant not winning the Champions League – and I would sign up for it right now.”

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