Jose Mourinho monitoring Tottenham Hotspur situation

Jose Mourinho monitoring Tottenham Hotspur situation

According to media reports, Jose Mourinho is monitoring the situation developing at Tottenham Hotspur.

The former Chelsea boss has had third stints in England with two different clubs and could yet be back for a third one.

What is the situation at Tottenham Hotspur?

After five wonderful years at Spurs, where Mauricio Pochettino led the club from a mid-table team to title contenders, the screws are falling apart this season. It is hard to think that only a few months ago, Pochettino took this Tottenham Hotspur team to a Champions League final. He finished consistently in the top for, challenging for the title twice. However, everything has collapsed since that Salah penalty in the Champions League final and Pochettino has probably reached the end of his days at North London.

What is Jose Mourinho’s situation?

Well the Portuguese has managed Chelsea (twice) and Manchester United before in England. However, his last job (boss at Old Trafford) saw him get the sack mid-season after United failed to even reach the top 6 by December in the Premier League table (not that they are doing to well now, either).

He has since been out of a job and has looked to stay nonchalant. However, we know Jose and we know he is itching to get back into management with whoever wants him.

Is he a good solution?

Despite a CV that can land him a job pretty much anywhere in the world, we do not think Jose Mourinho is the right fit for Tottenham. This is a team that operates on low budget and a manager who despite a bright, intense start lets the situation unravel in a rather ugly fashion soon. They are not right for each other but in football, you never say never.

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