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Neville certain that UEFA will fail to ban City

Neville certain that UEFA will fail to ban City

Gary Neville has made it clear he has no confidence in UEFA.

“I think City will beat FFP,” Neville said. “I have no confidence in UEFA to be able to do the right thing. I think it will be overturned.

“I have no faith in them whatsoever, I think they are hopeless organisation who just apply erratic disciplinary sanctions.

“I think City will beat them in the courts. It will get stuck in the courts for some time, but I think City will win in the end.”

About the players, Neville also revealed his thoughts.

“I don’t buy into this thought that players will leave, and they’ll all end up wanting to move from Manchester, I think they will show a level of patience, the ones who see it as a long term, but it does cause them a problem from a perception point of view.”

Neville’s SS pundit friend believes UEFA will be desperate to watch City lose in CL against Madrid.

“What would happen if City won this competition this season? They are the favourites, they are one of the best teams in the competition,” Carragher told Monday Night Football.

“It would make a mockery of it.

“UEFA will be desperate for Manchester City to be beaten by Real Madrid, absolutely desperate.

“Can you people from imagine UEFA having to give the cup in Istanbul to a Manchester City player?

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