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5 good reasons to ignore the Hazard leaving rumours!


  3. The source of the rumours 

The Daily Express/Daily Star are the ones pushing this rumour. They are basically the same paper, same owners etc but different level of quality from bad to very bad. Their sales figures have been dwindling badly over the years and they need massive controversial headline stories to try and keep their rag afloat. It doesn’t matter for them if the story is true or not as they know readers will forget their current fake stories when they come up with the next one. Oh by the way the latest story from the Express is as follows…

“Neymar could reportedly make a shock move from Barcelona to bitter rivals Real Madrid this summer” This was reported yesterday. It will cost them £173 million at least to meet Neymar’s release clause. It looks like Real Madrid are just trying to buy up the world according to the not so reliable Daily Express!

Neymar….another target of many fake rumours


The Daily Express in their defence desperately use whatever sources they can. The Madrid sports paper ‘Don Balon’ is one of those. ‘Don Balon’ have just been running the story that Neymar is on his way to Manchester United (yes that’s where the story came from) even though Mourinho himself said it wouldn’t happen. Anyway why move from sunny Barcelona to Manchester…move from a Champions League team to a Europa League one? No that’s never going to happen….at least for the next few years when Neymar is tired of winning everything in sight!


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