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Coppa Italia Final 2021: Date, Time, Channel, Tickets & How To Watch On UK TV!

Coppa Italia Final 2020: date, time, How To Watch On UK TV channel & tickets!

Coppa Italia Final

Coppa ltalia Final: everything you need to know about the Italian Football Cup Final 2021!

It’s Coppa Italia fever and the Italian Cup Final will be here soon! Here we’ve detailed everything you need to know about Coppa Italia 2021. Find out here where to get the Italian Cup final tickets. Can’t get the tickets? Know where to watch the Coppa Italia on TV and Italian Cup final on UK TV, along with Coppa Italia Livestream. Additionally, learn about last year’s Coppa Italia 2020 – who won and who lost? Learn about the Coppa Italia results! Don’t miss out on these valuable bits of information, so you’ll be ready for finals when it comes around!

Coppa Italia Final

Italian Football Cup 2021

Coppa Italia happens yearly in Italy as a cup competition. It is one of Italy’s important sporting events. It started in 1922 and continued with several breaks in between, one of them being post the second World War. From 1958, this cup competition has been held annually in Italy, surfacing as a reputable cup event in the football world. Juventus FC holds the record for having the most number of win – 13 in total. They are followed by Roma at 9 wins in Coppa Italia.

Coppa Italia Final 2021: Date, Time, Channel, Tickets & How To Watch On UK TV! 1

Coppa Italia 2021

This year’s Coppa Italia 2021 will be the 75th edition of the annual cup competition. There are three phases (or rounds) that teams have to compete in and move on to the next round in succession. First, teams go through the first phase where each team plays another once – hence, it’s a one-legged fixture. The 16 winners proceed to the second phase, where again they play knockouts with each other and proceed to the final phase – the Finals – which are also one-legged. The schedules are yet to be announced by the Coppa Italia organization – so keep a watch out!

Coppa Italia Final

Coppa Italia Final

The final round is played between the final two teams which remain. The finals will be held in the summer – 19 May 2021. Juventus will play Atalanta at Città del Tricolore.

Coppa Italia final tickets

Wondering where to get Coppa Italia tickets? The final is said to be on 19 May 2021. The venue for the final is Città del Tricolore. As for the tickets, since the matches are being played behind-closed-doors, there will be no tickets sold.

Coppa Italia final 2021

The Coppa Italia final 2020 was played between Lazio and Atalanta on the 16th of May, 2019. SS Lazio emerged as the final winners of Coppa Italia in 2019 with a score of 2-0. These two clubs faced each other for the very first time ever in the Coppa Italia last phase.

The United States of AmericaESPN
EnglandBT Sport
ScotlandBT Sport
IrelandBT Sport
WalesBT Sport

Coppa Italia final on TV

Can’t go to see the finals of the Italian cup or could not get the ticket on time! Don’t worry. In the age of technology, the Coppa Italia final on TV is covered on television in high definition so you won’t miss a single detail. The Italian cup can be viewed on BT Sport in the UK. Check your local tv guide for the Coppa Italia on TV.

Here, we’ll give you where to stream the final by country.

Coppa Italia final Livestream

Coppa Italia Final

Don’t have a TV to watch the Italian cup on? There are several options to watch the Coppa Italia Final live stream. Several websites run live streams of the Italian cup final, so even if your local TV channel provider does not show the finals, you can always stream it live if you know in advance where to stream it!

Coppa Italia final results

Here are the results for the Italian Cup from the round of 16.

Round of 16 results

The results for the round of 16 are:

Team 1Team 2Results
AS RomaSpezia3-0
AC MilanTorino1-0

Coppa Italia Final 2021: Date, Time, Channel, Tickets & How To Watch On UK TV! 1

Quarter Final results

The results for the quarter final are:

Team 1Team 2Results
InterAC Milan2-1

Coppa Italia Final

Semi Final results

The semi finals have two legs.

First Leg results

Juventus, AC Milan, Inter Milan and Napoli are the four big teams facing off in the semi finals. It is spread over two legs. The results for the first leg are:

DateTeam 1Team 2Results
2021-02-03Inter MilanJuventus1-2

Second Leg results

The games are tightly balanced with any two of the four teams still having an equal chance to qualify. The second leg has not been played yet.

DateTeam 1Team 2Results
2021-02-10JuventusInter Milan0-0

The final will be played between Juventus and Atalanta.

Coppa Italia final UK TV

Coppa Italia Final

Wondering how to watch Coppa Italia on UK TV? Don’t miss out on the action, you can easily watch Coppa Italia final on UK TV! People from UK can watch Coppa Italia in its final stage. Here we’ll tell you where to watch the Coppa Italia on UK TV!

EnglandBT Sport
ScotlandBT Sport
WalesBT Sport

Coppa Italia Final 2021: Date, Time, Channel, Tickets & How To Watch On UK TV! 1

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