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Guardiola reveals the toughest side he ever faced

Guardiola reveals the toughest side he ever faced

Liverpool is the toughest opponent Guardiola has ever faced.

Pep Guardiola admits that Liverpool under Jurgen Klopp has been the toughest opposition in his famed managerial career.

The Reds clinched their 19th Premier League title this season after almost 30 years.

The 49-year old has faced many tough rivals as a coach, but he regarded Jurgen Klopp with his Liverpool squad as the greatest hurdle in his career.

In an interview with DAZN, he said: “The toughest opponent I’ve faced in my career has been this Liverpool from the last year.

“They’ve dominated all the records. When you let yourself be dominated and confined in your area, you don’t get out.

“When you dominate them, they run into space like nobody else.

“They are very fast going backwards. They are very strong strategically. Their players have great mental strength. [Klopp] is the rival who has made me think about how to beat him the most.”

Guardiola also acknowledged the battles he had with Real Madrid under managers Jose Mourinho and Manual Pellegrini.

“I have always said that Real Madrid are a very strong team in my career, they helped me to become a better coach with tough matches and competitions with Jose Mourinho, Pellegrini and all the coaches they had,” he added.

“If you ask me which has been the most difficult rival for me to face, it has been Liverpool. The first years when I arrived in England, Liverpool were a bit weaker than now and Real Madrid were stronger.

“Now, this Liverpool are the hardest I have come across in my coaching career.”


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