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Rodgers reveals Leicester’s winter break plans

Rodgers reveals Leicester's winter break plans

Leicester City boss Brendan Rodgers has talked about the club’s plans for the first-ever winter break.

“They’ll be off now and we’ll give them a clear run through until next weekend so they can have a rest, physically and mentally, and recover from all the exertions of the season so far,” Rodgers said.

“We’ll be back in again next Sunday and be ready for a game on Friday night [at Wolves].

“All players, over the Christmas period until now, have been running on empty.

“Now is the chance for them to not train – they’ll do some training while they’re away, they’ll get a program to do – but to physically and mentally recover, that’s important.

“It breaks the cycle, that’s why at times in the season you go away to different places to train, with the sun or whatever. The players have physically put so much in over the period.

“At this stage of the season, it’s come at the right time for us.

“For managers, it’s the same, you need to go away and recover a bit from the pressures, come back and be revitalized and ready to make the final push.”

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