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When was the last time England won the Euro Cup? UEFA European Championship!

Past Winners of UEFA Euro Championships list - All Time

When’s the last time England won the Euros Cup? UEFA Euro Championships Finals 1960-2021!

When was the last time England won the Euros Cup? How many times have England won the Euros Cup? Watch & Bet here =>

Lot of people have their money on England winning the 2020 Euros. Why wouldn’t they? This team reeks of elite talent and seems to get on the pitch quite well amongst themselves.

Southgate has managed to pick up some of the country’s best players from both ends of the pitch to really put the gauntlet down this year.

Everybody has doubted England’s abilities before and within good reason. For decades, the country has failed to live up to expectations. Be it due to poor management or a lack of team chemistry, they have fallen short before. But now, they look more motivated than ever to put silence all the doubters.

1 X 2
Odds Italy England 1X2: 2.87 3.00 2.75
1X 12 2X
Odds Italy England 1X, 12 & X2 1.40 1.40 1.36
Odds Both Teams to Score (BTTS): 2.10 1.66
O 2,5 U 2,5
Odds Over/Under 2.5 goals: 2.50 1.53

When was the last time England won the Euros?

UEFA Euro Cup 2020 winner – Italy vs England

Italy vs England who will win Euro 2020? The 2020 Euro final date has been set. The game is meant to be kicked off at 20:00 BST. More than 60,000 out of the 90,000 capacity will be allowed to watch the game as COVID regulations start to ease off in the UK.

Date Time Final Fixture Watch&Bet H2H Stream Lineup
11th July 20:00 Italy vs England Watch&Bet> H2H  Stream Lineup

The England national team’s games in the European Championships this summer will be seen by several million viewers in Europe who want to follow the country’s representatives in the biggest football tournament in the world after the World Cup.

Around the world there are several hundred million that will follow the tournament and the number of viewers in the European Championship finals in 2012 amounted to the entire 299 million people.

Games won by Italy: 11
Games drawn: 8
Games won by England: 8

When was the last time England lost to Italy football?

Last time England lost to Italy was 14 Jun 2014 in FIFA World Cup.

Date Match Result Score Competition
7 Jul 2021 Italy v England UEFA European Championship
27 Mar 2018 England v Italy D 1-1 International Friendly
31 Mar 2015 Italy v England D 1-1 International Friendly
14 Jun 2014 England v Italy L 1-2 FIFA World Cup
15 Aug 2012 England v Italy W 2-1 International Friendly
24 Jun 2012 England v Italy L 0-0 UEFA European Championship
27 Mar 2002 England v Italy L 1-2 International Friendly
15 Nov 2000 Italy v England L 1-0 International Friendly
11 Oct 1997 Italy v England D 0-0 FIFA World Cup
04 Jun 1997 Italy v England W 0-2 Tournoi de France
12 Feb 1997 England v Italy L 0-1 FIFA World Cup

How many times have England won the Euros?

UEFA Euro Winners and Runner-Up since Inception until Date

Let’s now take a look at the previous Winners and Runner-Ups of the UEFA European Championship finals since inception 1960 until date 2021:

Year Winners Runner-up Host
2024 Germany
2020 Pan-European, England
2016 Portugal France France
2012 Spain Italy Poland & Ukraine
2008 Spain Germany Austria & Switzerland
2004 Greece Portugal Portugal
2000 France Italy Belgium & Holland
1996 Germany Czech Republic England
1992 Denmark Germany Sweden
1988 Netherlands Soviet Union (USSR) West Germany
1984 France Spain France
1980 West Germany Belgium Italy
1976 Czechoslovakia West Germany Yugoslavia
1972 West Germany Soviet Union (USSR) Belgium
1968 Italy Yugoslavia Italy
1964 Spain Soviet Union (USSR) Spain
1960 Soviet Union (USSR) Yugoslavia France

How many times have England won the Euros?

UEFA European Football Championship medal table 2021

Nr Countries Gold medals Silver medals Bronze medals Total
1 Spain 3 (1964, 20082012) 1 (1984) 0 4
2 Germany 3 (19721,19801, 1996) 3 (19761, 1992, 2008) 0 6
3 France 2 (1984, 2000) 1 (2016) 0 3
4 Soviet Union (USSR) 1 (1960) 3 (1964, 1972, 1988) 0 4
5 Italy 1 (1968) 2 (2000, 2012) 0 3
6 Czech Republic 1 (19762) 1 (1996) 2 (1960, 19802) 4
7 Portugal 1 (2016) 1 (2004) 0 2
8 Netherlands 1 (2010) 0 1 (1976) 2
9 Denmark 1 (1992) 3 (1974, 1978, 2010) 1 (2014) 5
10 Greece 1 (2004) 2 (1934, 1962) 0 3
11 Yugoslavia 0 2 (1960, 1968) 0 2
12 Belgium 0 1 (1980) 1 (1972) 2
13 Ukraine 0 0 1 (1964) 1
14 England  0 0 1 (1968) 1

Which country has won most Euros?

Curious about which country that has won the most Euros? Germany and Spain have both won the Euro Cup three times. France has won the Euro Cup twice and Portugal has won once which was Euro 2016. This is Englands first chance to win a European Championship Cup.

How many countries have won Euros?

10 countries have won the 16 European Championships held so far in history. Germany and Spain have each won three titles, France has won two titles, and the Soviet Union, Italy, Czechoslovakia, the Netherlands, Denmark, Greece and Portugal have won one title each.

Has England ever won the European Football Championship?

No, England have never won the European Football Championship.

How many times have England won the Euros?

Have England ever won the Euros before? No, England have never won the Euros.

How many times have England reached the Euro Cup final?

England have never reached the Euros final. Last time was in 2012 and the other two times was in 2000 and 1968.

Where did England finish in the last Euro Cup?

England lost to Iceland in the round of 16 tie of the 2016 Euros. The Three Lions progressed through the group stages but could not get past Iceland, losing 2-1. Wayne Rooney scored the only goal England.

When was the last time England didn’t qualify for the Euro Cup?

England did not qualify for the Euros in 1964, 1972, 1976, 1984 and 2008.

Has England ever won a European Football Championship medal?

Yes, a bronze medal which was received when they came in 3rd place in Euro 1968.

When was the last time England won a trophy?

England have never won the Euros. They last won a major trophy in 1966 – the FIFA World Cup.

When was the last time England won an international trophy?

England’s last international trophy was the FIFA World Cup in 1966.

When's the last time England won the Euros Cup?

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