Griezmann facing troubles in Barcelona was expected, says his former agent

Griezmann facing troubles in Barcelona was expected, says his former agent

Antoine Griezmann’s tough situation at Barcelona was predicted.

This is according to his former agent Olhats. The player made a big money move to Barcelona from Atletico Madrid this summer and Griezmann’s adversity at the new club is not surprising to Olhats. The big money move for the French international has so far proved to be a struggle.

Everyone thought that Griezmann alongside Messi and Suarez would be able to replicate the Messi Suarez Neymar days. However, such has not been the case.

“He is in a new situation,” said Olhats. “Now he is playing off to the side and he is not the focal point. He has to find new points of reference in order to find himself.”

“I’m a little bit sad at the situation,” he said. “I don’t know what Valverde has planned, what I do know is that he always had a strong desire to go to Barcelona. I am a bit sad for the situation and I knew it was going to be difficult. I have the impression that he was sold a project where he was going to fit into a position that suited his qualities, in relation to Messi, and it’s not going as planned.”

Regarding his relationship with Messi, which is reportedly not ideal yet, Olhats said: “Knowing how Antoine is, it’s not his style to be on bad terms with him. He would try to be the best mediator possible. I’m not too worried about his relationship with Messi because he’s a good guy.”

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