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Real Madrid star urged to join United

Real Madrid star urged to join United

Real Madrid are a huge club. They are respected and feared by opponents and fans all over the world.

Now singer Robbie Williams, a well known celebrity in Europe has joined the bandwagon and said that Real Madrid scare him.

He is a Manchester United supporter and a close friend of Toni Kroos. He went ahead and requested the midfielder to join Manchester United.

“You’ve won everything in Madrid, I’m asking you to sign for Manchester United!” Williams says.

That’s fair enough. If only he’d left it at that.

“Real Madrid make me feel small as a person, you know. Make me feel as though I have a small penis,” Williams adds for reasons only known to himself.

“We’re supposed to have the best league in the world [in England], and that doesn’t make me feel good.

“Football is my religion, and I don’t want there to be other gods that are bigger.”

Real Madrid are one of the biggest clubs in the game. They have won the European trophy more than any other team. However, if there was any other club who could be as big as Madrid it would have to be United.

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