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EXCLUSIVE: Sir Alex tells Rooney to watch his weight


It is common for managers to have criticism of their players, but it is very rare when a manager has comments to make on their players weight. Sir Alex Ferguson is known to be quite a tough cookie and a harsh manager, but recently he has told star striker Wayne Rooney to watch his weight if he wants to keep his first team place ahead of new signing Robin Van Persie. 

Sir Alex has been looking into Wayne’s family history and has seen that his dad has a weight issue and he has told Wayne that he might have to fight hard to keep his weight under control if he wants to prolong his career for as long as possible. 

Ferguson said: ‘Wayne is no Ryan Giggs. Ryan has never put a pound on in his whole life. Wayne is a boy that needs games, you can see that from the frame he’s got. He is stocky, strong and really needs games, simple as that.

‘Some people are lucky. I have had nights out with the jockey Mick Kinane, we’ve had three bottles of wine and he’s still the same weight, not an ounce on him. Unbelievable, and his father Tommy is exactly the same.’


Alex William Batt


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